at Christmas, the Feast of the birth of Jesus, the churches, especially in the point of view. The Pope holds his speech, the bishops, and churches send out everywhere signals. The Talk and signals in the year 2018, they often turned to tolerance and self-criticism. In Duisburg, a Church even put special characters.

Pope Francis has called for in his Christmas message in the face of conflicts and Wars, tolerance and cohesion between people. “Our diversity does not harm us, ( … ), it does not mean danger; rather, it is a wealth,” said the Catholics, the head on the first Christmas day, from the Loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica in front of around 50 000 people in St Peter’s square in Rome. “It is like an artist who wants to make a mosaic: It is better to have stones with many colors available, as to only work with a few colours!”

“All sibling”

The universal message of Christmas, that “we are all brothers and sisters,” said the Argentine on Tuesday afternoon. “Without the Fraternity, which has given Jesus to us, to keep all of our efforts to achieve a fairer world in a short breath, and even the best of projects are likely to become soulless structures.” In spite of differences and disagreements, an “indissoluble Band together to keep” people in their diversity of ethnicities, languages and cultures.

Some of the bishops sermons considered in your Christmas, by contrast, self-critical, the Institution of the Church. The Mainz Bishop Peter Kohl Graf said in the Mainz Cathedral, Christmas was the right Moment to make a personal decision to the truth or to lie. Also, the Church must decide. “We now face the frightening fact that there is a dark side of this Church are,” said Kohl, count. The light of Christ must be set, in this dark Zone in left. “Sin and guilt must come to light. I’ve learned in the last few months that we talk too banal authoritative over sin.”

würzburg Bishop broaches the issue of sexual abuse

In September, the German bishops ‘ conference had presented a study on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy against children and adolescents. Here, personnel records between 1946 and 2014 were examined: In the result of at least 1670 Catholic spiritual 3677 mostly male minors should have year abused.

the würzburg Bishop Franz Jung addressed the cases of sexual abuse in the Church. “With horror, you had to admit, finally, that even the sacred can be misused, such as the protection space of the confession,” said Young, according to a statement at the Pontifical mass in the würzburg Kiliansdom. “The priestly life which gave the impression of a particular security, guaranteed no reliable protection.”

Pope Francis, however, the issue of abuse from the division at the Christmas celebrations at the Vatican. He expressed the hope that “The little freezing child we see today in the crib, let all the children of this world, and every weak, defenseless, and excluded people to protect.”

Church in Duisburg: the Holy family as boat refugees

in addition to the messages of the Pope and the bishops is also the message of St. Dionysius-Kirche in Duisburg-Walsum received a lot of attention. The Church decorated the Nativity scene with a Dinghy, and represented the Holy family.

The message of the Church: “It will be shown on the Hand of countless refugees drowning in the seas of the world and of the prosperity of the companies and their business or racist Goings-on, will be ignored.” In the case of Twitter, the Tweet of the Journalist Carolin Buchheim was retweeted thousands of times and with a heart. The Church met with your unique message, apparently, the nerve of many people.

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