Almost everywhere in Germany, the weather prospects over the Christmas holidays, grey-turbid. White Christmas is the exception.

In the course of Tuesday, the first day of Christmas, climb to the snow line, reported the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach, Germany on Christmas eve. “Since the border is about 500, 600 meters,” said DWD meteorologist. Occasionally it could be, especially in the Central mountains still flakes. However, this can be no permanent fall of snow. From the second day of Christmas the Trend is on the rise, and snow is also in high altitudes, very rarely. “Because all of this should fall as rain,” said the meteorologist.

dense clouds provide the forecasts, especially in the North and East, mild temperatures. The day you reach up to nine degrees. On the Baltic sea, and in the higher mountainous

n strong to stormy gusts could occur. The night on Wednesday to remain at one to five degrees in a largely frost-free.

the forecasts for The West and South. There prevails a slightly higher air pressure, so that often on Tuesday and Wednesday, viscous fog the picture. The temperatures are part of the winter: In the fog you are the DWD according to two days to zero degrees. In the night the temperatures fell, often in the frost range up to minus six degrees. In aufklarendem sky, it could be even colder. Motorists would have to part, expect smooth roads.


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