In the United States are placed for the past six days, parts of the government apparatus is lame, because Republicans and Democrats are not a law, which by rotation controls the budgets for various Federal ministries.

sticking point in the dispute is the claim by US President Donald Trump to five billion dollars (4,39 billion euros) for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. Trump requires that the sum must be included in the budget law, otherwise he would not sign it. The opposition Democrats, and also some of trump’s Republicans reject the claim strictly, which is why the law took place in Congress, not a majority. As the deadline for the adoption of in the night of Saturday passed without a new budget, it was decided to entered automatically in the so-called Shutdown.

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stalemate in Congress

Trump loses patience and threatens: We will have to make the entire southern border …


For around 800,000 state employees has stood still, the part of Government, with serious consequences: you get no salary. A part of them is sent to an unpaid mandatory leave. Hundreds of thousands of state employees whose work is considered to be indispensable, you need to do this without payment your Job. What does this mean for the Individual, you can read in the social media. Under the Hashtag #shutdown stories Affected their Anger about the Situation on air and describe to the Public how difficult it can be, without a salary to get along – especially over the holidays.

A woman called mj4ever, writes on Twitter:

“I’m a single mother of 3 children without help. To not know whether I have to pay next week’s rent or my family can eat, is heavy and all I can think about on this Christmas day, I should be happy. My children feel my fear.”

The Userin Becki reported:

“I’m an essential employee. I get paid, but when?! We live from paycheck to paycheck. I have a terrible fear that we will not be able to pay in the next month, our mortgage, student loans and other bills if this Shutdown lasts. I am literally woken up from nightmares about it.”

Mizz Dub portrays their concern for the health of your child:

“My insurance premium is 600 $ per month & Insulin & pump accessories, the cost of my son’s additional $ 600 a quarter. Make it hardly. Now I’m going to go to work … paid in the future.”

The User Hurricane Potty writes:

“I’m a contractor for the Federal government. I can’t get a refund, so I lose 100% of my salary. I’m the sole breadwinner and we have a toddler and a Baby. I often work long hours, which I do not bill, because I believe in the Mission. I can Express the anger and Frustration … Christmas is ruined!”

Chris Boughn from Frederick, Maryland, reported:

“I have been working for 35 years for the Federal government as an air traffic controller. Army veteran, father of three children. Am now working for a promise of a future paycheck. Do I have to pay for a mortgage, bills and school. And I am taken for a stupid wall in hostage.”

And another mother told how the Shutdown-related closure of National Parks have given your child a great disappointment:

“first real holiday in YEARS. 90% of my plans are based on bringing my 6-year-old daughter to the mountain to play in the snow. We do not live in the vicinity of snow, so it is a great pleasure. You will be happy for months. The mountain is a national Park. So no snow for us.”

note: these stories were all posted by non-verified Twitter users and cannot be, without a doubt check. All of the cited Twitter Accounts, however, have a long history and seem to be of the view that the author is authentic.