With a large memorial service in Christchurch has meant to new Zealand two weeks after the racially motivated attack on two mosques of the 50 fatalities. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called on more than 20 000 guests to the extremism humanity.

The Celebration of state guests from abroad were present, was on the big screens throughout the Land. The names of the dead were read out.

In the attack on the 15. March had been the third killed in new Zealand’s largest city, by gunfire 50 people and several dozen wounded. As the alleged perpetrator, a 28-year-old racist and right sitting extremist from Australia in detention. The man who had lived for several years in new Zealand threatens life imprisonment. Next week he will be presented to an investigating judge. For the process, there is still no appointment.

Ardern was wearing this Time, no head scarf, as she had done on previous occasions, to the honour of the Muslim community. She appeared with a cloak, him as new Zealand’s Maori-indigenous people, and also spoke a few sentences in Arabic. The Muslims thanked for “in the face of hatred and violence their doors for all of us open so that we can mourn with them – even though they had every right to Express their anger”.

the Prime Minister said: “The world is in a vicious circle of extremism trapped, give rise to more extremism. The must end. We can’t do it alone. The answer lies in our humanity.” Many people stood up to give applause. Abroad Ardern had to get a lot of praise for its Occurrence in the past few days. A week ago, new Zealand had already thought with two minutes of silence for the victims.

in Front of the crowd of people in Christchurch is also one of the Survivors, Farid Ahmed, whose wife had been murdered in the attack language. The Muslim said, he forgave the assassin. “People ask me: How can You forgive someone that killed your beloved wife? The answer is the belief: I. I believe in Allah. And Allah says that we should forgive each other.” Two girls, whose father had been shot to death, spoke briefly to the crowd. Among the invited guests, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison.

At the funeral, the British singer Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) was joined in the 1970s to Islam. He sang “Peace Train”, one of his most famous songs from the past. The commemorative event took place under the open sky in a Park of Christchurch in the immediate vicinity of the Al-Nur mosque, where the attack two weeks ago, had begun.