In the race for mayor in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul has appealed to the Islamic-conservative government party AKP in all the 39 districts of objections to votes cast.

said the provincial Chairman of the AKP, Bayram Senocak, on Tuesday after expiry of an appeal period. The party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan trying to take on an extremely tight election result in the greatest city in the country at the last Minute to turn around. The ACP had lost in the local elections on Sunday, according to preliminary results, the mayor’s post by a hair’s width to the center-left opposition party, the CHP.

For Erdogan would be the loss of the citizens usually post a bitter defeat. He was once mayor in Istanbul, and comes from the poor working-class district of Kasimpasa. Islamic-conservative mayor had the city as the hub of the economy, more than 20 years, ruled.

According to Senocak, the AKP pushes to around 320,000 during the counting invalidated votes. Their mayoral candidate, Ex-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, and currently the leading candidate of the CHP, Ekrem imamoğlu, are separated according to official data, only about 24,000 votes.

The Pro-government channel CNN Türk reported on Tuesday, the election authority will announce the final results in ten days. CHP candidate imamoğlu requested that the complaints should be processed within a week: “If it takes longer, the thing to stink,” he warned.

On Sunday had intended million people in 81 provinces with their mayors, provincial councils and other local officeholders. The AKP emerged overall as the strongest party from the election, but had lost, especially in large cities, massively in popularity.