If the movie mobilize sizes from Hollywood and Germany, the left party is “the unthinkable” is doing, and all eyes are on Sunday to Görlitz, then it’s more than a mayor election. The ballot carries dynamite, finally, Sebastian Wippel wants to be Germany’s first AfD mayor. Also for the Landtag election in Saxony, on the 1. September could originate from Görlitz an important Signal.

in The first round at 26. May, the AfD candidate Wippel caught up with 36.4 percent, the most votes. CDU Challenger Ursu Octavian followed with 30.3 percent. Between these two candidates in the mayor election decides on Sunday in the second ballot, in the easternmost city of Germany – this time a simple majority would be sufficient.

Sebastian Wippel against Ursu Octavian

The 36-year-old Wippel wants to score with the topics of security, family and business, and advertises with Slogans such as “Secure borders instead of a borderless crime”. The police Commissioner is likely to hit the nerve of so many voters in the on the border with Poland nearby town. Also the relatively low wages makes the smart-looking family man with the short hair cut on the subject – with a wage level of 68 percent of the national average in Görlitz is in the East at the lower end.


“security,” both want to win the mayor election in Görlitz: The CDU-candidate Octavian Ursu (left) and the AfD candidate Sebastian Wippel

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Just “a family-friendly, open to the world Europe city of Görlitz” will grow successfully, warns, however, the CDU Challenger Ursu Octavian, sitting as Wippel in the Saxon Parliament. The native Romanian, in 1990, came as a musician to Görlitz, where he founded a family and stayed.

CDU’s back falls

AfD for the first time in the survey, the strongest force in Saxony, SPD crashes on single-digit value

the outcome of The mayor election is open, but with the abandonment by the Applicants of the Green and the left party on the second ballot, the chances for the 51-Year-old Octavian is likely to be increased. The Left demanded, “to let personal sensibilities and political differences” and to prevent an AfD-mayor.

“If the democracy is in danger, to democratic forces of resistance,” said the district Association and, indirectly, a choice recommendation for the CDU candidate. “We are ready to do the previously unthinkable.” Also, the green candidate Franziska Schubert asked after her resignation the voters to vote on Sunday “for openness to the world”.

movie stars send voters in Görlitz open letter

Recently, a number of actors and film warned creators such as Daniel Brühl, Armin Rohde and his Film “The reader” – times Oscar-nominated Director Stephen Daldry, before a AfD-victory. In an open letter to the voters, it is said: “do not Give yourself up to hostility, divisiveness and exclusion.” The film industry had discovered Görlitz with its historic charm due to many years ago. In the city were filmed, among other things, “Inglourious Basterds” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

in fact, the mayor’s choice as a signal about the görlitz city limits and beyond. With a possible victory, the AfD would be strengthened, two and a half months before the state election in the electoral battle. Anyway, the AfD in Saxony is currently top of the water. She was not only in the General election in 2017, across the country, almost the strongest party, the CDU, even in the last European election was in the state before the ruling party.

For Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer is the battle for the Görlitzer Mayor not least, a very personal showdown. Because in his Home constituency, the 44-year-old CDU politician lost in the election to the Bundestag to be for years to secure a direct mandate of the AfD-politician Tino Chrupalla.

the Chrupalla promotes his party colleagues Wippel and holt also AfD-Federal celebrities such as Alice ryegrass in the city. Not least Chrupalla ambitions are said to have made on the Saxon state Chancellery. The Showdown on Sunday could be for the whole of Saxony, pointing the way.

mad / Andrea Hentschel / AfP