After the resolution of the important INF disarmament Treaty for nuclear weapons, China has warned the United States against the stationing of medium-range missiles in Asia.

China will “take all necessary measures to defend the national security interests,” said a spokeswoman for Beijing’s foreign Ministry. You will never remain idle in order to protect their own interests, and will allow no country to cause problems in the “neighbourhood”.

If the United States this road lies, and that this will have a serious negative impact on the international and regional security situation, it said. It is the hope that the United States acted carefully and no measures are taken, there would be, however.

U.S. Secretary of defense Mark Esper had spoken previously, for a deployment of land-based missiles, medium-in the Asia-Pacific route. The US government wanted to “realize as quickly as possible,” if possible within months, said Esper, according to American media reports.

With the INF Treaty had been resolved last week, one of the world’s most important Disarmament Treaty for nuclear weapons. The agreement between the United States and Russia was closed in 1987 during the Cold war, and saw that both sides renounce the use of land-based nuclear medium-range missiles. Now a new arms race is feared race between the two countries.

But also China, which was not previously part of the agreement, comes into focus. As the reason for the termination of the contract by the United States, the fact that the INF Treaty only binds the Americans and the Russians, but not to emerging military powers such as China applies. China, meanwhile, have nearly 2,000 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, which would fall under the agreement.

U.S. President Donald Trump had called for new negotiations of China with. Beijing had, however, previously made clear that it had no interest in.

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