Chengdu (Reuters) – giant pandas are black-and-white and fluffy – and yet each obviously has its own facial features, which differentiate it from other dogs.

According to the official Xinhua news Agency, an App for face detection conservationists should help in the future to identify Pandas, and more about the life and behavior of the highly endangered bear to learn.

The Tool has been fed with 120,000 images and 10,000 Videos of giant pandas. Nearly 10,000 Panda images had been analyzed and with marks and annotations, reported the Chinese state Agency. On the basis of these data and of-the-art researchers able Panda be to detect faces automatically. According to the information from Xinhua, China’s competent Panda has developed a research center, together with researchers from the universities of Sichuan and Singapore since 2017, the facial recognition technology.

“The App and the database will help us to have more accurate and complete data to collect about Population, distribution, age, sex ratio, births and deaths of wild Pandas, which live deep in the mountains and hard to keep track of,” said the project involved scientists Chen Peng of the state Agency.

The scientists hope to obtain new findings about the representatives of the in nature only in China, occurring bear. 550 giant pandas in captivity, exist just, for example, in Zoos. Wild with less than 2000 Pandas live a little, especially in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Shaanxi.

surveillance cameras, the passers-by via facial recognition, places, there are in China for a long time. Airports, universities and Restaurants to put facial recognition at check-in, the inlet or to Pay. They are also used in the oasis city of Kashgar, where many Uighurs live. This complain of violent suppression, while the Chinese are accused of separatism. In some Chinese cities, someone who goes through a Red traffic light is identified, the intelligent cameras.