German researchers have observed in Gabon for the first time free-living chimpanzees during feeding of turtles. The scientists from Osnabrück, and Leipzig, documented that the monkeys beat turtles against tree trunks to the tank to break up and eat the turtle meat.

The researchers observed in the Loango national Park, ten chimpanzees in how they captured a total of 38 turtles. This behavior was only had been in the dry season observed in the other favorite foods, such as fruits abundant, writes the Team in the Journal “Scientific Reports”.

males helped females in the Tank-busting

That chimpanzees eat various animal species, had already been known, but not that they also feed on reptiles, said Simone Pika, cognitive scientist at the University of Osnabrück.

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“it is Particularly interesting that chimpanzees (…) apply a technique that you normally use to Open are extremely hard-shell fruits,” explains Tobias Deschner, Primatologist at the Max-Planck-Institute for evolutionary anthropology, in a communication to the study. “Sometimes younger animals were able to or not females leave the turtle itself. You are more then usually to a stronger male, which hit the turtle shell and the meat with all other present chimpanzees shared.”

turtle for Breakfast

An adult male had lifted even a part of his turtle meal, especially for Breakfast. The chimp ate only a half of the meat in a tree sitting and stuck the other half in the branch. Then he switched back to the tree to Sleep and returned the next Morning, the remnants of his dinner into Breakfast.

“This suggests that chimpanzees can plan for the future,” said Pika. The ability for a future condition or a need such as Hunger, preplan, had so far been mostly demonstrated only in animals in human care. “Our results indicate that we have not recognized after decades of research, the full complexity of the intelligence and behavioural flexibility of chimpanzees.”

ikr / DPA