According to matching information from various French media, three of the six children of a German IS-fighter Martin Lemke are today, from Northern Syria to France been used. It is, therefore, to the three sons of Lemke’s French wife, Julie Maninchedda. The mother had come to star search in October or November of last year in an air RAID by the international Anti-IS coalition on the village of Schafaa in the South-East of Syria, died. The father of the children, the German Islam convert and high-level IS-squad, Martin Lemke from Zeitz in Saxony-Anhalt, sitting since the end of January of 2019 in the Kurdish prison in Northern Syria.

A plane with the three brothers – one, three and five years old – and two other war orphans landed today at 13: 30 at the military airport Villacoublay, South of Paris. Previously, the three Lemke had mothers-sons for weeks in precarious circumstances in a stranger’s Care in the overcrowded refugee camp, al-Hol, in northeastern Syria lived. The youngest of the three, the one-year Dschaafar, had been injured in the air attack in which his mother died of splinters heavy. When the star visited him and his brother Schakir a few weeks ago in the camp, was drawn to his face of scars. Schakir suffered from chronic stomach pain as a result of the catastrophic supply situation and poor sanitary conditions.

Islamic state

“Never a man beheaded”: encounter with the German IS-fighters Martin Lemke

He and tortured to have killed. But the German denies. Life in Raqqa had been good. Until he was with three women and six children on the run. What’s supposed to happen with family Lemke?

grandparents fighting for their grandchildren

The French grandparents of the three brothers, Lydie and Patrice Maninchedda from Libercourt, near Lille in Northern France, had led in the past few months, a desperate struggle for the recovery of the children. Twice, the grandmother had contacted via Video message to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and begged him for help. In an Interview with the star she said at the end of February: “We had only one daughter. She’s dead. These three children are the only family we have left. We want to have you with us, educate you and explain to you, who was your mother.” At the same time, the German had parents from Saxony-Anhalt made an effort to return the children to Germany and started to make preparations for their arrival.

unlike Germany, France has repatriated several children of its own citizens from the IS-field. They will be fed after the arrival of first intensive, medically and psychologically, and in the custody of the state child care. Within 15 days, a judge will be hearing. Children who have been born outside of France, first get temporary papers until about DNA testing or other evidence has cleared your French ancestry clearly. Pending a decision on the final placement of the children for six to eight months can pass.

The French authorities announced hardly any Details of the Return. A diplomatic source announced to the daily newspaper “Le Monde”, to give any of the to France, and placed children at the moment, “an unidentified parent was still alive”. The two younger sons of Martin Lemke and Julie Maninchedda came in Syria to the world. Yasser, the oldest in Leipzig. He was only a few months old when his parents left at the end of 2014 from Germany to Syria to join the so-called Islamic state. The Couple had at the beginning of 2018 in Syria Islamic divorce.

“mom is in Paradise. And dad is in prison.”

Lemke’s surviving wives – the 19-year-old German Leonora brass and a Dagestanerin – life with three small children of German jihadists in a prison camp in Northern Syria. Leonora brass said in a star Interview about the five-year-old Yasser, who is now arrived with his brothers in France: “The says: ‘mom is in Paradise. And dad is in prison. And when he comes back, he buys me a toy car.’ The understands everything that deals with him, and hurt him.”