The war in Syria has long since disappeared from the headlines. A photo from the city of Ariha in the last rebel-controlled province of Idlib brought him last week, back in the Public consciousness. It shows three part-buried girl, and threaten to tumble from the rubble of a bombed-out house down, and her horrified uncle. The photographer Bashar al-Sheikh had the dramatic scene at the 24. July, shortly after an air strike by forces of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and their Russian allies captured. The British broadcaster BBC, he and the uncle described the events.

“I lay in my bed, we could hear the fighter jet over us,” said the uncle of Riham (5), Dalia (8), and the seven-month-old Tuka. Suddenly, the window panes were shattered. He had moved at once in the midst of thick black smoke in the direction of the door. “I was just thinking to save the girl. That’s what I thought, even if I would risk my own life,” says the uncle.


the first of Three children struggling to Survive: A photo shows the misery of war in Syria

AFP “didn’t want you to be aware of me”

Meanwhile, Bashar al-Sheikh arrived at the destroyed house. “I started to film, to convey to the world a picture of what is happening with the people from Idlib,” says the Journalist of the BBC. Then he recognized the danger the children were. “I turned off my camera and me careful not approached, I wanted you to be aware of me, so they move their heads or hands.”

The uncle of the girl have at the same time trying to calm them down from the top: “be careful not fall down”, did he call you while he was trying to reach you.

After it had managed to rescue the children, even if they had been with a ambulance to the nearest medical point of Supply, reports Bashar al-Shaykh more. This not but has the necessary facilities to treat Riham, therefore, she had been immediately taken to a different hospital. “Riham needs blood,” said the clinic employee. However, a few hours after you have received blood, had died in the five-year-old. Her mother had also been in the air attack killed. The small Tuka is back home and in good shape. Her sister Dalia has undergone breast surgery, according to the news Agency AFP reported last Friday, citing hospital data. Her condition was stable.

helper to call the situation in Idlib “nightmare”

In Idlib since September of 2018 is actually a ceasefire, but Assad and Russia had started there at the end of April a new Offensive. Aid agencies describe the situation in the province as a “nightmare,” the UN human rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet accuses the Syrian and Russian armed forces, to bomb also civilian targets such as hospitals and schools. According to the aid organization Save the Children were killed in Idlib in the past four weeks, more children than all of last year.

Bashar al-Shaykh is still shocked by the dramatic events. “The feeling is indescribable, no words can describe this feeling,” he says of the BBC and asks desperately: “How many Rihams needs the international community to move to?”

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