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a child to death-abused – foster-father under suspicion (17.18 PM)

Patriarch of Constantinople to recognize the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine (13.31 PM)

hundreds of people with Syphilis infected – the Pharma giant will be held accountable to (13.15)

French “yellow West” continue protests in Paris and other cities (11.52 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 17.34 watch: Nasa withdraws the invitation for the Russian space chief +++

the chief of The U.S. space Agency Nasa, Jim bride Stine, has been withdrawn in response to political pressure is an invitation to his Russian counterpart Dmitry Rogozin on a working visit in the United States. The bride Stine said in an Interview with the “Washington Post”, the newspaper published on Saturday. “We have heard from several senators that this is not a good idea,” said the bride Stine, with a view to the first scheduled visit. Then he pulled the invitation back. Previously, mainly politicians of the US had exercised Democrats pressure on Nasa. Rogozin had been set in 2014 on the U.S. sanctions list. At that time, the Democrats had, under President Barack Obama the White house.

+++ 17.18 PM: child fatally abused – foster-father under suspicion +++

After the death of an obviously abused, one-Year-old in North Rhine-Westphalia, the foster-father of the child in custody. The warrant was issued on Friday evening, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Hagen on Saturday. The seriously injured child had been brought by the foster parents of Plettenberg in the Sauerland in a hospital. His life could not be saved.

in the hospital, the suspicion was that the severe injuries to the child were caused by abuse. The autopsy confirmed the suspicion. First of all, both foster parents were arrested. Then the nut came free, because the evidence was against you, not harden. The arrest warrant against the foster father was charged with bodily harm resulting in death. At police headquarters, Hagen a murder determined Commission.

+++ 16.16 watch: Deadly road accident due to winter road conditions in Bavaria +++

For a probably more due to the wintry road conditions triggered a traffic accident and is in the vicinity of Bad Tölz, a 19-year-old man died. A further two people were and one person was injured lightly injured, informed the police headquarters in upper Bavaria South in Rosenheim. Thus, a 23-year-old man with his car was on the highway B472, in the municipality of Reichersbeuern in case of snow into a Skid. He was in the oncoming traffic and it collided head-on with an oncoming car collided.

+++ 13.31 PM: Patriarch of Constantinople to recognize a new Orthodox Church in the Ukraine: + + +

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople recognized despite the protests of Moscow, the independence of the new Orthodox Church of the Ukraine. At a ceremony at the Patriarchate in Istanbul Bartholomew I, signed with the new Ukrainian Metropolitan Epiphanius, in the presence of the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, a document on the autocephaly of the new Church.

On the 15. December came together in Kiev two Orthodox Ukrainian churches, which had in 1921, and in 1992, of the Orthodox Patriarchate in Moscow cleaved. With your merger of the new Orthodox Church of the Ukraine, the two hitherto non-recognised churches paved the way for its recognition by Bartholomew.

+++ 13.15 PM: the US pharmaceutical giant will have to try yourself because people in the 40s +++

The US-based pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb, the Johns Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Foundation the responsibility to answer because of human experiments in Guatemala in the ’40s and’ 50s. The U.S. Federal judge Theodore Chuang decided by he dismissed the claim of the defense on the setting of the procedure. In the Central American country at the time, hundreds of people had been intentionally with the venereal disease Syphilis infected. The goal of these people was trying to figure out whether Penicillin is effective against sexually transmitted diseases. In 2015, the 774 victims and victims ‘ relatives had filed a lawsuit. Assure you, the Tests were made without your Knowledge or consent. According to judge Chuang, the plaintiffs are asking for a billion dollars in compensation.

+++ 12.50 am: More snow in the South – Cloudy and rainy in the Rest of the country +++

In the South of Germany it is always white. To the South of the Danube and in Parts of Saxony will continue until Monday the snowfall continued, reported the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach. As a result, significant Snow were to come together, especially in the Alps, in the adjacent foothills of the Alps and in the higher altitudes of the mountains in the South and Southeast. In the Rest of the country on the Sunday. mostly cloudy and rainy with a mild 3 to 9 degrees

winter flight traffic adversely affected

Bayern sinking in the snow, the current weather situation in the Live-Tracker

Held back the “proper” Winter yet, rather, he is now regional and all the more so In Parts of Bavaria, it is snowing strong. At the edge of the Alps, the snow piles up. A significant Change in the situation is not, at least in the short term in view.

+++ 12.36 PM: Three people in a shooting in a bowling center in Los Angeles +++

killed In a bowling center in the greater Los Angeles three people have been shot and killed. A further four had been wounded by the shots, was confirmed by a police spokesman to the AFP news Agency. All of the victims were male. The incident occurred in the seaside village of Torrance, approximately 30 kilometres Southeast of the centre of the Californian metropolis. The shots fired in the halls of the complex Gable House Bowl. An eye witness told the newspaper “Los Angeles Times” previously, there had been a “big fight”.

+++ 12.25 PM: Due to a double homicide in France prisoners German dead in the cell found +++

because of the murder of his parents-in-law in the South of France, the detained man is in his cell in the prison of Toulon was found dead. As the Prosecutor said, was the corpse on the 21. December discovered. The autopsy revealed the cause of death was “suicide by Hanging”. A third exposure was excluded. The reasons for the suicide have yet to be clarified.

On 10. September 2015 set up by the man after the death of his parents in their cottage in the village of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast for help. According to information from legal circles, the police found the Suspect “completely knocked down in ahe corner of the house, with blood on the hands”. Both the 74 and 75 year-old pensioner, living in Munich Doctors, were apparently beaten to death with a candlestick.

+++ 11.52 PM: the French “yellow West” protests in Paris and other cities +++

The French “yellow West”movement has continued its protests against the government of President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday in several cities. After the outrage over the temporary detention of the “yellow West”-the word leader Eric Drouet activists in Paris announced for the afternoon, a March from city hall to the Parliament. A rally was also planned on the Champs-Élysées. Further protest actions are expected in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon.

+++ 11.24 PM: Verdi is calling for Monday to warning strike at Berlin airports +++

The trade Union Verdi employees of the security company at the airports of Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld called for Monday morning to a warning strike. As a result, it could be on both Airports, especially in the early hours of the morning to a strong impairment in the clearance, a spokesman said on Saturday. All passengers should inform themselves prior to arrival at your Airline to the location, it was said in the airport company.

ivi / DPA / AFP

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