you are what You eat. A lot of people seem to be very complicated. As free people on gluten pay attention to several Allergy – free and lactose-free food, eat, stone-age, organic certified, vegan. And then this head-eater kids. With the question of how children eat a healthy diet, Prof. Dr. Mathilde Kersting. She directs the research Department of child nutrition (FKE) of the University clinic Bochum. The porridge recipes, published by your Institute, read sometimes like little descriptions of experiments – who else would have the idea to always give a shot-O-juice to the mash, because Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron.

the WORLD: Professor Kersting, a lot of Chinese feed their babies in the first year of life, usually only with a milk – like to imported Pre.Milk and rice. Should not the lead to the current Western knowledge, to an increased Allergy risk?

Mathilde Kersting: a few years Ago, it has been thought that children will benefit with an increased risk of Allergy – so if the next of kin allergies appear to be in the first age of Hyper – allergenic to be nourished and to live in a low-allergen environment. Today we know that rather the opposite is the case.