It is a Fund that is a certainty, but no hope: Spanish investigators have found in the well shaft, in the on Sunday a two-year had fallen, “biological Remains”. It is believed that hair, as a local politician on Wednesday, Spanish media said. It will be assumed that they come from the lost child, laboratory investigations should now be able to bring certainty. Whether Julen, however, is still alive, is still unknown.

The Small is supposed to be like on Sunday during a trip with his family in the municipality of Totalán in the province of Málaga in the 110-Meter-deep hole. In the case of camera shots, was discovered in the shaft, has a diameter of 25 centimeters, a bag with sweets, which the Boy had had. However, loose earth and prevented, first of all, with the camera deeper.

parents waiting at the scene of the accident

Boy in the 110-Meter-deep shaft missing: His parents have been talking to a child

DPA father is lost to the media: “It takes forever”

Meanwhile, the boy’s father turned to the media. “It takes forever. My wife is broken. We are dead,” said the unemployed market seller José , the controls since the incident at the fountain. It would occur to him, as had already passed months. “I still have hope that my son is alive.” The current Fund is raised, he said: “For us, this is no Surprise. He and his wife had known all the time that the child was in the well shaft.


The well shaft in the South of Spain has declared a diameter of approximately 25 centimeters

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The chief of police, the Guarda Civil in Malaga, Jesús Esteban, however, that there are now more than 60 offers from companies aid around the world. Currently, twelve Teams would operate in the Region of the accident, including companies and technicians who were engaged to work with the tunnel Removal.

The rescue workers to dig two tunnels that will lead directly to the end of the well shaft. However, the Work is progressing very slowly and would probably not be completed before Thursday night, it said.

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