Always attracts at Easter in Lügde a millennia-old custom of tens of thousands to the Osterberg. Top rolls with straw-wrapped wooden wheels burning in the valley. Of Easter wheels and is a tourist Magnet, Lügde was formerly known. Since the end of January 2019, the Name of Lügde stands for something else. The 6000 residents have been incredible news, to be overrun by a wave. At the campsite Eichwald, many of the children here probably needs at least ten years of sexually hard-to-miss. A thousand-fold.

in Front of around four weeks, the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, this was announced and reported back to the 23 Victims between the ages of 4 and 13 years. Meanwhile, investigators from 31 Victims. The girls and boys originate from North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony.


On this campsite in Lügde in the district of Lippe children for a porn shoot, miss, had been in need of. Three suspects sit in detention.

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From the abuse case, Lügde has long since become a police and government scandal. Since Wednesday, a renewed search will take place on the campsite under a lot of personnel expenses.”We wear it all the time, piece for piece,” says a forensic technician. Without the support of a hundred this is not to create but to, describes the mammoth task.

track search

your description sounds like the work of archaeologists. After the police lip the scene of the crime in a first boost is already numerous data carrier is ensured, the power which is now investigating police in Bielefeld now nails with heads. The rundown plot of the main suspects on the Northern edge of the campground will be completely empty. The interior is labyrinthine, confusing, and trashy. Everything must go, and secured to be registered and the court.

the first day of the police and the Prosecutor’s office regarded as a success. So on to the search of data carriers, a specialized search dog has found a USB Stick in a sofa crack. Whether it is criminally relevant Material, still needs to be clarified.

perpetrator trio

The now 56-year-old main suspect is said to have not need, according to investigators, his foster daughter, miss, no, the man should have used the kid as a decoy for other children. As it is now, created for the duration of the camper a feel-good atmosphere, so many parents left their children to go without concern and Hesitation to him. Was involved with another man, 33, from stone’s home in Höxter. The Duo is said to have filmed the exchange, and abused. A third suspect, 48, of Stade, in lower Saxony, is also in custody. He looks at misuse of an Internet connection.

Lügde, the place with its historical centre and half-timbered houses, is located in the picturesque Weser mountain country. Anyone who looks at the map of Germany, you can connect the cities of Paderborn, Bielefeld, Hannover, Göttingen and Kassel to a Pentagon. Lügde at the Eastern NRW-edge is located at the border to lower Saxony and then almost in the middle.

The accusation of sexual abuse of children, the long period of time and the circumstances are already speechless. Downright stunned, however, makes what has been since the first press conference in Detmold, yet everything is known. How the authorities failed, obviously.

authorities failure

A long series of mishaps that runs through the case. There are allegations against employees in youth offices, and against police officers.

The public Prosecutor’s office in Detmold checks whether an earlier Intervention, not only in the fall of 2018, would have been possible. First hints of it were already 2016. But perhaps already much earlier – in 2002. Everything is still open. In addition to the investigation of the sexual abuse of children for more police officers and prosecutors deal with these allegations. Two high-ranking police officers in lip, had to vacate their Posts. In lower Saxony, a youth welfare service was provided free to employees, the files should be manipulated. However, in the current investigation, there was an incredible breakdown. Data disappeared lip support made of a non-secured room at the police station. Spotted, you should have a police student. The case draws circles up to Düsseldorf. NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) makes the elucidation of his theme, complaining the authorities failure.

The aim of a faster completion of the investigation

The operator of the campsite, Frank Schäfsmeier, stands on the turnpike to the driveway. He is glad when the investigators are ready. “It’s enough now, time is of the calm,” says the 54-Year-old. Constantly be raced in the past few weeks, Stranger on the square. “That was more than borderline”, complained the operator. He would have been able to honour the access to the place, to be right to be able to rap. “But I did not want something to hide.”

He is happy that, so far, none of his duration, they leave the camper. Police spokesman Michael Kötter understands Schäfsmeier: “We want to be ready. So here, the rest can come as soon as possible.”

public interest

Thorsten Stiffel is heading up the investigation. The police officer was years ago already by a different criminal case is known. He was also head of the murder Commission of the crime in the “horror house” of Höxter. Around 30 kilometers away from the campsite, two of whom died, were there is over years of women. “The particular, in the case of Lügde is the great public interest in the case, but also in the work of the police,” said Stiffel. The Public was focused on this case, much more focus on every Detail of police work, as in other cases.

senior public Prosecutor Ralf Vetter from Detmold makes an image of the re-search. For it is the special feature of the case, that it give itself up in the policy implications. The size and the number of investigators, Vetter sees in the case of Lügde no special feature. In the case of a murder investigation, he had determined already with more police officers and 15 months, also over a considerably longer period of time.

Quick charge

Shortly after the case cousin had announced that in June a process to the allegation of sexual abuse of children could begin. “The schedule I hold. The prosecution is supposed to be before may,” cousin to the German press Agency.

The police in the lip, he takes in a point in protection. “In my opinion, was at the beginning of the investigation for the police in the lip is not visible, what is the scope of accept the procedure and which is the investigative effort would be required,” said Vetter. Logical consequence: The small authority was overwhelmed with the investigation.

mood in the works

“The allegations against the police, the Team is not cold, and not completely hide. Also in the contact with citizens in the framework of investigations investigators are encountering at the moment to a General suspicion against the police,” said Stiffel. The move of all police officers engaged in with professionalism and commitment to their work.

The impact on policy, says Vetter, are felt to the interior Ministry in Düsseldorf, but also directly on site. County Commissioner Axel Lehmann (SPD) looks on with resignation demands faced. He is since 2015, in the office and rejects this step. The main responsibility for the technical error in his investigators, he looks at the top management level of the police.

is How irritated the mood in the circle house in Detmold, Germany, prove a public apology from Lehmann’s. He was shouting at an employee because he had assumed that this blocked the investigation. “As I crossed borders, I was wrong,” said the district administrator, in a press conference.


When you look at the crime statistics, it is clear: The district of Lippe is the first in the whole of NRW. The Problem: When a Region is safer that it gets from the country is also less Personal. In the lip is 1.1 officers to 1000 residents. “In NRW, it is otherwise an average of 1.3 officers. This number would mean that we would have 70 more,” says Lehmann. It limits but immediately, that the glitches would have happened with more staff. “This should not be an excuse.” And he pushes afterwards, that he had complained already in Reuls predecessor Ralf Jäger (SPD), with two letters and Reul with a letter about the staffing.

camping operator Schäfsmeier thinks. “As the police has lip here for the first Time, searched, would have been rejected, their desire for more staff to support.”

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