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chess is played all over the world, and in the North of Reykjavík in the case of 3 degrees, or in Calcutta, at 30 degrees, two and two are sitting on the Board and forget the Drum. After the first train of the king and his troops count alone; the climate has only still, as far as a meaning, than that the Royal Palace must be sufficiently weather-resistant to all enemy Storms to cope with.

The London district of Holborn, in the on Friday the world chess championship has begun, is atmospheric half-way between Iceland and India. On the street, a Bustle, in contrast to other European capitals almost depopulated. People come from all over the world, and the cars always from an unexpected direction, at least for those among London’s guests, the left side of the road remains an eternal mystery. From the gray sky it is wet down, and some of the onlookers, the aims to the second round of the historic College, wished he had an umbrella, because outside, in front of the entrance there is a long line.

Da champion Magnus Carlsen the chess world, and his father Henrik and his Danish second Peter Heine Nielsen. You don’t come to walk, your Hotel is far from here. They show up perfectly equipped under the yellow umbrellas, Magnus in a tight-fitting down jacket. This looks very good, very English.

world chess champion Magnus Carlsen (left) with his father Henrik Carlsen (right), in between of the back of Peter Heine Nielsen © Ole Kristian Strøm

Carlsen’s Challenger, Fabiano Caruana is the short distance from his Hotel on foot. But he has no umbrella or no jacket, in any case, his night is sprinkled blue suit from drops, as he takes to the stage for the Start of the second round place. There seems to be nothing to him.

Dry Magnus Carlsen enters the Arena. He wears a rose-colored shirt for a light grey suit, so chic you have not seen him in a championship fight. Perhaps you could open up a new field for the sponsorship: An attractive master, in a noble Outfit, an expensive watch and the Royal game – such as glossy magazines created for Display in high. Magnus Carlsen was already working in the fashion industry, with its commitment at G-Star, but that was also eight years.

Fabiano Caruana, always correctly dressed, him to something. He is attracted, as today is still yesterday. He only has one suit? What if one of us changes every day and the other stoically remains in its gap? Want to see the hour-by-hour, round and round again and again?

I’m sure this will interest a viewer here. Chess players is sufficient, the Board in front of the head, the Rest is irrelevant. Is registered the clothes everywhere as an indication of the mental state: When Magnus the jacket to Carlsen in the first round, suddenly took off, and a warm jacket, it was speculated: Is it a cold, perhaps?