The Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) is apparently under suspicion, to have parts of their doctoral thesis plagiarized. On the website of the plagiarism activists “VroniPlag Wiki,” will examine the case currently under the symbol “Dcl” as to possible defects, reports the news magazine “der Spiegel” in a prior message. The Free University of Berlin (FU) will examine the case on Giffeys desire. Giffey itself has a conscious plagiarism on demand of the leaf.

SPD-Minister Franziska Giffey: “I have written this work to the best of our Knowledge and belief”

The Vroni-activists, according to “49 of 205 pages plagiarism discovery have been documented.” This corresponds to a share of 23.9 percent of all pages, under the “Dcl”entry. As the “mirror” reported, according to the plagiarism hunter “, many literal and analogous text to the acquisitions, which were not made as such”. In addition, the author would have used “in at least 68 cases,” statements in whole or in part with sources, “which are chosen seemingly arbitrarily” or with the Written is not sufficient evidence. About another hundred pages of the Dissertation of 2009 would have objected to a VroniPlag activists that have yet to be to the Four-eyes-principle tested.

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The Vroni-actor and lawyer Gerhard Dannemann, have spotted a small part of the work, warns in the “mirror” therefore, before jumping to conclusions. But: “According to my previous impression, this is a serious case,” he quoted from the sheet.

The SPD politician rejects a conscious plagiarism. “I have written this work to the best of our Knowledge and belief,” she said to the news magazine on request. You have asked the Free University of Berlin the examination of your Dissertation. This wool descendants of the FU.

Giffey earned a doctorate from 2005 to 2009 in the area of political science at the Otto-Suhr-Institute of the FU. Her doctoral thesis, she wrote on the topic: “Europe’s way to the citizens – the policy of The European Commission for the participation of civil society”.

source: “The mirror”, “VroniPlag Wiki”

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