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Charles Woodson Net Worth, Early Life, Bio, Age, Relationships & More

Charles is a retired American professional football player and he has a huge net worth. He became a well-known player due to his skills. Charles became a known figure nationally because of playing college football. When he was drafted for NFL he started playing for Michigan. If this isn’t enough he made many records and leads Wolverines in the national championship. He got to win the Heisman trophy in the following year that made him even more prominent. Charles has been a two-way player playing both offense and defense in college. Apart from that, he made contributions for Raiders during all his professional days.


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Charles was born on October 7th, 1976 in Ohio. He is 44 years old and his height is 6 feet. He started playing football from his early college days and played for Ross High School. If this isn’t enough he was named Mr. Football of Ohio. Charles has always made efforts for becoming a cornerback and running back and gained success for the same. He has made many records during his career while the rushing yards are 3,861. The overall scoring is 466 points. Charles was also selected for the USA Today All-American and Parade High School All-American. He made a total of 2028 yards and 230 points.

College career

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Charles attended the University of Michigan and he played about 34 games for them. He made a lot of contributions for the Wolverines and played as a wide receiver spot. At the start of his career made a lot of contributions to the Raiders and the Green Bay Packers team. He played for Oakland Raiders from 1998-2005. He was also selected as NFL Defensive Rookie of the year during his first season as a member of the Oakland Riders. Charles played a total of 16 games for the team and they made many records throughout their playing season. During some time he suffered from turf toe but played the games with great determination. He also made a career-high 79 tackles and got four passes, three forced fumbles, and was named as an All-pro team.

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Personal life

Charles became a part of a new wine business with the help of Rick Ruiz. They started a wine signature company and gained a lot of money through it. He got a seven million contract from the business and continued it as a side business. Many fans were not happy that was involved in few controversies and arrested twice for DUI. He remains intoxicated and that is the reason for him going to jail. If his personal life is concerned he got married to April Dixon Woodson. The couple is blessed with two sons together

Net Worth

The total net worth of Charles happens to be $25 million while his salary is $3.4 million. He gives a lot of charity and has been actively participating in many other social causes. As his football career was going in full swing so after retirement he started other business ventures. He was named as an active defensive player of the year and NFL defensive player of the year in 2009.

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