Since the 14th century. Century, the famous Charles bridge in Prague. You bridges is one of the oldest rock in Europe. Thousands of tourists cross every year, the historical landmark that leads over the Vltava river, take pictures, or let the atmosphere of the Czech capital enchanted. But unfortunately, not all visitors to the city not to go adequate to take care of the bridge.

Two German tourists, 23 and 30 years old, had sprayed a large Graffiti on the bridge – illegally, of course. The two were filmed in your act from a surveillance camera, arrested, and fines and damages in the amount of approximately 5500 Euro condemns. Also, you are not allowed to enter the country for five years after the Czech Republic.

Cizinci se chtěli zapsat do historického rázu města. Zadrželi the strážníci Dva cizinci ve věku 23 a 30 let poničili…

Posted by Městská policie hl. m. Prahy on Tuesday, 16. July 2019

Prague’s Charles bridge: Suddenly, the Graffiti was gone

in order for the damage to the historic bridge was not fixed but yet again. The inhabitants of the Czech capital and the city leaders were afraid of their true character. Mayor Zdenek Hrib spoke of “cultural barbarism” and initially it was not clear whether the five times two meters large Graffiti could be removed without damaging the centuries-old stones. Meanwhile, the Charles bridge is clean and the story behind it could be strange as can be.

In Prague, was the condition of the bridge to the political issue. Experts were heard, a kind of Task Force formed to deal with the question of how could the Graffiti on the most gentle of the stones to remove. After days of deliberations, the leaders finally decided to do a cleaning procedure, which should take two weeks. At the beginning of August, a restorer took up the work. But suddenly, the Graffito was gone.

cleaning professional removes Graffiti overnight

“He worked until about five o’clock on Saturday afternoon and wanted to continue his activity on Sunday morning. But when he arrived on site, he noted that the lettering was removed,” quoted by Radio Praha, a spokeswoman for the technical service in Prague. Apparently, an Unknown person had cleaned the bridge over night in a kind of guerrilla action. The ominous Graffiti was gone now, was only short for joy – great is the concern that the nightly Cleaning crew not just went expertly to work, and the bridge even worse damage could have been. The police went on the search for the “clean men”.

Under public pressure the man to the police, was for the nightly cleaning action responsible was finally: Miloslav Černý earned with the removal of Graffiti be money, but it has not been considered in the discussions. The cleaning professional was that he must act quickly because a longer Wait would have pulled the stones of the bridge even further affected. In fact, his method proved to be equally effective, and gentle for the landmarks of Prague.

Prague’s new town hero sat in prison for murder

In Prague Černý is celebrated as a town hero. “I have received about 2000 emails,” he told the Portal, “Idnes”. The mayor held a press conference with him, at the Černý, his cleaning technique performed. A reward but the Savior of the Charles bridge did not want to have – and that has to do with his past. 20 years ago, Černý murdered his wife and her lover. Then he tried to take his own life. “I’m still alive, you could call a coincidence. I believe, rather, that God still has a Plan for me, that’s why he left me in the world,” said Cerny in an Interview with “Idnes”.

The father of two was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and in 2012, after twelve and a half years, released from prison. Now, as he stands in the center of the media spotlight, he talks openly about his deeds and life after prison. “I want no thanks, I don’t want to be for the order proposed, or similar. Today, I try not only to do no Harm, but to help others. No matter whether it is a man or the Charles bridge.” The Removal of Graffiti in public places is for him a way to serve the society and its crimes to make amends. Against Graffiti on the new Prague city of hero has no objection, however, is not: “If it is done correctly, it is great art. But please, not on the Charles bridge.”

sources: dpa / police in Prague on Facebook / “” / Anna Shamanska on Twitter / “”

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