The problem is not new: for days and Days in load of pent-up cattle and cows are transported, in part, in sweltering heat, without enough water. Of Germany on the basis of common goals, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, or Uzbekistan. “I can’t support it personally,” says district administrator Peter Dreier the “Landshuter Wochenblatt” of the topic. What he refers to specifically, is the Transport of a pregnant cow to Uzbekistan. The veterinary office at the Landratsamt Landshut had prohibited this Export before. Because a pregnant cow, the multi-day trip in the Central Asian country expected to be – the reason – animal cruelty.

shipments to distant countries to

be denied Also in the future, the veterinary office wants to deny the Landshut Landratsamt its consent to such shipments, in principle, as the “Wochenblatt” reported. Therefore, shipments are to be in countries that are thousands of miles away, or in which allegations of animal cruelty, is denied.

This attitude in Landshut, Germany could initiate the debate about animal transport from Germany. Because so far, such exports with appropriate permits are legal – but now, vets refuse.

third countries have often no animal protection laws

in 2018, will be exported, according to the “Bavarian Rundfunk” (BR), about four million animals per year from the EU to third countries. According to the EU transport regulation in adult cattle may be transported for up to 14 hours at a stretch. Followed by an hour break. Thereafter, the Transporter is allowed to continue for 14 hours, before the animals are unloaded and a day of rest. Animal rights activists criticized according to the “BR” is that third countries, such as Uzbekistan, hardly any animal protection laws and in the Transport acts of animals abuse would take place.

it is Uncertain whether more counties will join Landshut and permits for the Transport of cattle and cows in the future, if any, refuse.

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