Is Venezuela prior to the change of power? President Nicolás Maduro is fighting for his political Survival that the Opposition is supported by the United States. After it was explained on the Wednesday of the, until Recently, internationally little-known Parliament chief Juan Guaidó self-appointed interim President, first of all, Washington and soon also the EU, the organization of American States and numerous Latin American governments behind Maduro’s 35-year-old Challenger.

can, However, count Maduro in the country are yet to receive the support of the powerful military. His allies in Bolivia and Cuba hold on to the socialists, whose country has the largest oil reserves in the world.

Guaidó was elected at the beginning of January to the President of the Opposition-dominated national Assembly. At the time of his Power grab, he said on Wednesday in front of supporters in the capital Caracas: “I swear to officially take over the national Executive powers as acting President of Venezuela, to stop the Usurpation, a transitional government and hold free elections.”