in Spite of credible allegations of electoral fraud has been rejected by the constitutional court in the Congo, the complaints of the Opposition against the official result of the presidential election.

The candidate Félix Tshisekedi had won the presidential election legally, explained to the constitutional court in Kinshasa. The Congo is a historic before the change of power: Tshisekedi will follow the after nearly 18 years out of office the outgoing President, Joseph Kabila. He’s supposed to be on Tuesday as the new President of the Central African state sworn in.

The defeated opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu not want to accept the result. All of the Congolese people in the country have to struggle against the falsification of the election results and peacefully against the decision to demonstrate, and called for Fayulu, according to the decision of the court. The citizens of the Congo and the international community should not accept Tshisekedi as new President, Fayulu. It should come to mass protests, would not rule out the possibility of violent clashes with the security forces.

Fayulu was in the choice of 30. December commenced for a broad opposition Alliance and was considered a favorite. The court dismissed his objections as unfounded. A recount of the votes, the judges refused. Also in the fact that the election has not taken place due to unrest and the Ebola epidemic in Parts of the country, saw the court, no Problem. Approximately 1.25 million of the 40 million option to remain legitimate, is excluded.

Congo’s Catholic Church – arguably the most influential Institution of the country – had declared, citing its some 40,000 election observers that Thisekedi didn’t win. On Thursday, the African Union (AU) had voiced on a special session on “serious doubt” on the outcome of the presidential election and a delay in the announcement of the final result required.

a Short time before had shown by an analysis of confidential data from the polling stations according to Reports of international media, the falsification of the results. The choice won Fayulu, with around 60 percent of the vote, Tshisekedi. This was the only time nearly 20 percent of the votes, reported on Tuesday, the Financial Times, as well as the French international media, RFI and TV5.

President Kabila’s mandate was, in fact, gone by the end of 2016 to the end. He had the choice, however, multi-move. He was not allowed to apply for another mandate. For ihb Emmanuel ramazani was the photographer Shadary entered, but ended up a distant third. In view of this defeat, Kabila is said to have unconfirmed allegations, according to a Pact with Tshisekedi closed. The moderate opposition are paving the way to Power, should have said this, not criminally against Kabila.

Until Recently, Tshisekedi (55) was, above all, as a son: His father, Étienne, was long the leader of the opposition, Kabila asked to stand up. 2017 died, the older Tshisekedi, however, at the age of 84 years. Now the 55-year-old son has a Chance to realize the dream of the father: to stabilise The Congo and to reduce poverty.

On Tshisekedi a lot of work is waiting: Despite the rich belongs to the state of the poorest countries in the world Deposits of minerals like cobalt, copper and Gold. To blame for many of the greed for raw materials has fueled conflicts. Millions are on the run.

A peaceful change of power in the state would be a success for the Congo. Only a few years after the independence from Belgium in 1960, the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko had taken the Power. Only as a result of the great Congo war, the shaking of Mobutu. Rebel leader Laurent-Désiré Kabila overthrew the dictator, and was appointed in 1997 even to the President. In 2001, he was shot by a Bodyguard. His then 29-year-old son, Joseph, inherited the Power.