In Algeria, after the resignation of longtime President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a change of power. On Tuesday night, the 82-Year-old President had submitted after the week-long mass protests officially announced his retirement.

He had made known to the President of the constitutional court officially announced the immediate end of his term, reported the state news Agency APS. In the capital Algiers, hundreds of people went in the evening and in the night spontaneously on the streets and celebrated.

“This decision (…) will help to bring peace to the hearts and minds of my countrymen, to allow you to lead Algeria to a better future”, – was stated in the letter of resignation, published by the state news Agency. The authenticity of the document could not be independently verified.

The decision should also contribute to the hazards from the state to avert, it was said in the Letter. The retreat is coming faster than expected. Although Bouteflika had announced on Monday evening, prior to the end of his tenure on 28. April to withdraw, however, he left open the date. On Tuesday, however, increased Opposition, and the chief of the General staff of the military, Ahmed Gaid Salah, the pressure on Bouteflika.

For weeks, hundreds of thousands of people protested across the country against the 82-year-old President and the power elite. First of all, Bouteflika had responded and announced reforms, but at the same time, in mid-April, scheduled the presidential election to be postponed and its term extended for an indefinite time. Also, however, there had been protests.

According to the Algerian Constitution does in the case of the resignation of the head of state, the President of the upper house, the office. For 17 years, Abdelkader Bensalah, an old companion of Bouteflika. Within 90 days of a new President must be elected. An official statement by the Algerian authorities, it was not initially.

Also, from a European point of view, the struggle for power in Algeria is important: More than twelve per cent of EU gas imports originate from there. However, the country is struggling with economic problems, and suffers from the decline in the price of Oil. The economy of Algeria is a Gas and oil exports to be dominated. The national debt is, according to the German economic development Agency Germany trade & invest at almost 39 per cent of the gross domestic product. The unemployment rate among young graduates is high.

Bouteflika was elected in 1999 as the candidate of the Algerian military to the President. In the past few days, the military top had, but apparently the health of ailing Bouteflika withdrawn. Only shortly before the announcement of the resignation chief of staff Ahmed Gaid Salah had pointed out that Bouteflika had to be declared for amtsunfähig. “We support the people, until its demands are fully met,” it said in a statement the Ministry of defence. Military chief Gaid Salah, Deputy defense is also a Minister.

several Algerian opposition parties have had a spontaneous immediate resignation of Bouteflika’s Meeting called for. In a statement, the parties, including the two largest Islamist parties announced that they would not have any of the currently made decisions of state accept leadership. This also includes the establishment of a new government at the weekend count.

on Sunday, the 59-year-old Noureddine Bedoui had been officially appointed as Prime Minister of Algeria. Bedoui had promised in mid-March, a government of technocrats, in all parts of the political spectrum should be represented. Many politicians refused, however, to enter the government. The subsequent protests were also directed against his appointment as head of government.


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