The SPD in Schleswig-Holstein for the first time, led by a woman, the members of Parliament Serpil Midyatli. To a country party, the 43-Year-old was elected in Norderstedt for the successor to the longstanding Chairman Ralf Stegner.

Stegner had stood after twelve years in office. Chairman of the parliamentary group and Deputy chief of the Federal party he wants to stay but.

Midyatli, a native of consistency with Turkish roots, was the only candidate. They received 191 of 212 votes cast. This corresponds to an agreement of 90.1%. You have known for years left the course of the state Association, and said: “on the left, thick-headed and free – none of that will change with me at the head of anything.” As a Central task for the faint survey, ridden SPD values the confidence of its citizens recover called – with clear solutions and clear political attitudes.

The cooperation with Stegner, who wants to remain a parliamentary group chief, had so far have been good and will be in the future, in new roles, not a problem, said Midyatli. Journalists ask if she wanted to maybe run in the summer, as a group, head of it against Stegner and SPD-Landtag top candidate for the state election in 2022, wich Midyatli. Are you happy with your current choice.

Stegner is for polemical attacks on the political opponents are known, is made at a Federal level, but for weak election results. On Saturday morning he had is been party tags clear from the beginning that the waiver of the country of the presidency should not mean the end of his political career: “For the friends and for the enemy: to retreat is not,” wrote the 59-Year-old on the Internet service Twitter. “As a group Chairman and leader of the opposition in the Parliament and as a Deputy Federal Chairman of the SPD, I still have some of that.” He will again run for the Post of SPD-Bundesvizes, said Stegner, on demand of the dpa. The elections for the SPD Federal Executive Committee are planned this year.