Through his eye, everything looked familiar, but at the same time bizarre and foreign: men in white shirts, the cups protect. Women who laugh with the fish and cucumber in the camera. Children dressed up with their parents on the way to the shopping spree. Stefan Moses has documented it all for the star. The photographer was not in Bocholt, in Jerusalem, in New York, and even the “third-greatest of all our neighbors” (United Kingdom) scared him off: in five consecutive folders will be detailed portrait appeared on the island, which he developed together with the journalist Nick Barkow.

explorations with the camera

stern-founder and editor-in-chief Henri Nannen Moses had brought the beginning of the 60s to the folder. For the magazine, he travelled through the whole world, but Germany and its inhabitants were and remained, for him, photographic life the theme: “For me Germany is just as exotic as Afghanistan or Paraguay, anywhere unexplored areas,” he once said about his explorations with the camera.

the star photographer Robert Lebeck: The chronicler of the post-war period, Fullscreen ©Robert Lebeck

it had Particularly the role of Religion in the still young Federal Republic of Germany to him, the native of lower Silesians with Jewish roots, clothed in the Catholic Rhineland and Bavaria, he often met with a lush variety of motives. His elaborate Picture stories, and countless portraits, including Thomas Mann, Erich Kästner, and Otto Dix made Stefan Moses is one of the greats of his profession.

Stefan Moses to see

in Berlin, “it is My job, the people, before they are lost,” he once said. He died in February of 2018 at the age of 89 years. The German Historical Museum in Berlin is dedicated to Stefan Moses, the photo exhibition “The exotic country”, the since 1. February, running until the 12. May 2019.