In terms of gender justice makes the city of Hannover the next step. In the future, to be used according to the will of the municipal administration only “gender appropriate administrative language”. The objective of the city-issued letter of recommendation is to implement a language that the “variety of gender identities account”. The new rules go further than the “previous balance between the male and female formulations”. The new scheme is for the entire correspondence of the management are binding and will be in e-mails, brochures, press articles or legal texts applied.

“Anita and Konrad Schulz” replaced “Mr and Mrs Schulz”

an online Flyer published by the city presents numerous examples of gender-equitable language. It means approximately: “By the mention of the name and surname in the salutation, with Mr. and Mrs. can avoid it.” So should be used instead of “Mr and Mrs Schulz” better “Anita and Konrad Schulz”. From “the pulpit” to Stand””, and “teacher” are in future to be called “teachers”. The so-called gender star “*” should only be used if a “gender-comprehensive formulation” is possible. “Diversity is our strength – this is the basic idea of the urban concept to implement in our administrative language, is an important Signal and a step further, all people regardless of their gender,” explained Lord mayor Stefan Schostok, the new scheme.

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Gender Gap

we can in terms of equality of Iceland learning

city of Hannover originated with gender-sensitive language equality principle

to implement As it is said in the official press release, the new regulation also with regard to the signing of the European Charter for equality of men and women at the local level. The capital of lower Saxony is committed to the principle of equality. The last language “the recommendation for a contemporary, women and men appropriately be considered administrative language”, published in 2003, will be replaced by the new scheme. The new rule to gender-sensitive language shall apply.

In the social media will be discussed, the announcement of the city of Hannover controversial. Both on the Social Media channels of online media, through the new voice control reports, as well as on the Social Media Accounts of the city itself, the User will discuss the meaningfulness of the Change. As a User writes on the official Facebook page of the city of Hannover, for example: “Once again, tax is a waste of money! Super… And more in the fall.” Another Facebook user logs on, so to speak: “Who thinks so nen nonsense?” Many Users but also excited and welcome the decision.

The municipal government has today published a new “recommendation for a gender-fair management language”. You…

Posted by Hanover on Friday, 18. January 2019

In Germany has been discussed for years on an adaptation of the language. In particular, persons which are not the classical categories of “man” and “woman” (want), often feel discriminated against. In Hanover, the new rules could end – at least in official correspondence with the city now.

sources: press release of the city of Hannover / Facebook page of the city of Hannover