Bochum: burglar victim tied to a chair – heart attack

Two suspected burglars are supposed to have overwhelmed late Monday night in Bochum, the residents of a detached house and tied to a chair. The thief-Duo should have rung, as one opened the door, gave the two men seem to force access to the apartment of the 62-year-old resident. The suffered during the buckling action, according to initial findings of a heart attack and died. As the “image” reported, should be escaped with the burglars, as they noticed that their victim is dead. What are the two captured, whether there is a hot lead as to the perpetrators, as well as other Details to be made known to the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday.

Bad Cannstatt: man disposed of cocaine on the run from the police

on suspicion of the trafficking noise police officers were poison at the weekend in Bad Cannstatt on a man’s attention. As they wanted the 25-Year-old control, he fled on foot. A witness took with his Car in the pursuit and stopped the suspected Dealer. The police arrested the suspects. On his escape, the man of two so called clamping bags got rid of with ten servings. In addition, the police found around 300 euros in cash. As the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reports, issued by the competent judge warrant.

news of Monday, 4. February

Nürnberg: Drunk wheelchair driver threatens cops a beating on

A strongly alcoholic in a wheelchair at the weekend in Nuremberg, the rescue forces attacked. Before passers-by had informed the rescue service, because the man at the temperatures fell to the freezing point from his wheelchair. The paramedics were not able to help the 58-Year-old, according to the police report, but because of this beat wildly. The alerted police was threatened patrol offended, and when you try the recorded man was brought in the ambulance to heave with the shock. Ultimately, the man can be moved only tied to the hospital, according to police. There, the Doctors determined a core body temperature of just above 32 degrees – the man had a breath alcohol level of nearly five per thousand. He also claimed to have anesthetic consumed. The wheelchair driver has to answer now, among other things, on suspicion of assaulting police officers.

white mountain: drivers to accident, asleep,

Not bad, the motorway police was astonished at the weekend in the district of Lindau. The officials had to Wake up on the A96, a man who was asleep on the shoulder of his completely demolished car. The 53-Year-old was abandoned according to the police, obviously tired from the road and had damaged the guard rail on a length of 50 meters. To sleep nothing was missing him and co-driver stated in the Police report. The damage to the car and the guard rail was estimated at about 60,000 euros.

Wiesbaden, Germany: 20-Year-old police shoots at US Air Field in the air

on Sunday evening all around the US airbase in Wiesbaden-erbenheim. Local residents had watched as a white van shots in the direction of the U.S. Air-Fields were fired and the police are informed. In a nearby commercial area, officers found the car and the two occupants, who had rented a room. According to the police report, the 20-year-old passenger, an artisan from Thüringen had fired the shots with a Taser gun. The two men were taken into custody. The large-scale search for them, according to police, a helicopter is used.

Berlin-Kreuzberg: an infant, apparently not

The infant, the stroller in the night on Sunday in a Bush in the Elise Tilse-Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg had discovered, killed, seems not to have been killed. It would be both a stillbirth as well as a natural death after the birth in question, a police spokesman, after the autopsy of the little girl on Sunday. Officials had cordoned off the locality on the grounds of the former Anhalter railway station on Sunday, spacious and first of all a possible homicide is not excluded. The murder Commission had already taken the appropriate investigations. The police are now looking more to the parents of the baby.

Leutkirch: couple rescues six year old in the water Park life

A six-year-old Boy at the weekend in an amusement Park in Leukirch on a water accident slide. As reported by the police, had climbed up the Boy in a silent Moment on the slide until the autumn of 2018 opened Parks. A Doctors couple discovered him, therefore, a short time later, lifeless on the floor of the slip basin. The two doctors were able to revive the boy, and shortly thereafter, arriving paramedics passed. He apparently had been for several minutes in the basin. Meanwhile, the six-year-old from the hospital was dismissed in Kempten.

Tegel mountain: walkers from the avalanche surprised

lucky had two walkers on Sunday at Tegel mountain in Schwangau. As the “image” reported, was solved by the couple from Kempten in the afternoon on a touring popular way of traveling as an avalanche and a 52-Year-old buried. The woman was buried, but could call out, apparently to help. On a width of 30 meters, the snow Board should be crashed into on the way. The helper of the mountain rescue should have been according to the report, in the vicinity. They freed the couple from the snow masses.

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