Santo Sabatino left on a very early Morning his house in Mülheim an der Ruhr and never appeared again. The case is still a mystery, in the Rhineland and in the Ruhr area media reports for almost two years about the strange Disappearance of the host, the two Italian Restaurants in Düsseldorf and Cologne, and a Bar at the düsseldorf Nobel mile Königsallee operation.

the ARD-“crime report” trying to get on viewers ‘ reactions to a solution of the case in detail. In vain. Sabatinos family, his friends, guests and business partners have been asking since the summer of 2017: What happened with the caterers? He dived under? He fell victim to a crime? Or he took his own life?

the case of Santo Sabatino in the evening in “aktenzeichen XY…ungelöst”

In the new episode of “aktenzeichen XY…ungelöst” this Wednesday evening (20.15 clock, ZDF) presenter Rudi Cerne will take another attempt: Maybe the TV viewers know something that the police can get more.

The case of Santo Sabatino started quite unspectacular at the 20. July 2017 at around 4.30 in the early Morning: The then-54-Year-old be left home, that’s for sure. Since that time, but his whereabouts is unknown. The ARD-“crime report”, for example, knows that Sabatino (1.70 meters tall, 85 pounds) was wearing a watch of the brand “A. Lange & Söhne” with moon phase display. Why he went so early in the Morning out of the house and where he was going is unclear.

cell phone and wallet, he should have not taken on Board, reported “RP-Online”. In that article, the speech is also of a Stalker: Sabatino have refunded a month before his Disappearance, because he felt threatened by a woman he had met on a flight. You have sent him constantly texting. If this Information has something to do with his Disappearance, is completely unclear.

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it is Unusual, pretty much everything about this case – that he was only discovered nine days after his Disappearance as a missing person. As the “WAZ” writes, reported the Sabatinos wife “in the presence of a lawyer” a missing complaint with the police. The late time Sabatinos members had declared that the host had to leave early frequently and over a longer period of time to be at home. His absence appeared to be the family apparently initially as a quite normal – until you drew the suspicion, that there must be something wrong.

The police are not assessed, however, the Disappearance of the man from the beginning, as anything other than normal, treated it as a missing person’s case, but instead established a fact-finding Commission. Among these, it is said in the media reports of the case, up to 20 officials from different departments.

in Spite of this Manpower: Useful results for the investigators not supported yet apparently. Sabatinos family offered a reward of 10,000 euros, to get advice, but, apparently, also only Silence.

police went to a crime

compared To the “WAZ” was a spokesperson for the Essen police in the last summer, disillusioned. Even though the Missing person had a large network of Acquaintances, are there no useful information came in, the investigators would have a “huge” effort and both the family and the business partner. Been determined to be outside of Germany – in Europe and in some African countries. Sabatino should have taken before his Disappearance, several trips abroad: to Sweden and Belgium, as well as to Morocco, Benin, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

The police spokesman was not then, a year after the Disappearance Sabatinos, necessarily, that the 54-Year-old victim of a crime. “We have so far no specific reference to a possible act of violence”, the speaker in the “WAZ” quote.

Local changed owners or

are closed also Strange: The Missing persons before the fate of 20. July arrangements have been made. Shortly after his Disappearance, “TZ” ‘ve taken over his then 21-year-old daughter, his three Local, of which currently only “Tino’s Bar” to the posh “Kö” has opened, according to the imprint, but apparently not in the possession of the Sabatinos. The Restaurants, the “Rosati” in Cologne and “Bocconcino” in Düsseldorf are now closed, the latter is to be opened under a new owner again soon.

In his years as a successful restaurateur Santo knew Sabatino countless people. Rudi Cerne hopes, on Wednesday evening at “aktenzeichen XY” that these acquaintances or other witnesses to help, the mysterious Disappearance of a prominent host to educate.

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