Exactly 20 times did it take the CDU. Now it seems to actually be a success: The Christian Democrats have become with a high probability in Bremen since 1946, and after 19 citizenship elections for the first time, strongest force in front of the SPD. And the newcomers, the entrepreneur Carsten Meyer-Heder, the a year ago no one knew. As far as the provisional, on forecasts of the message based on the choice in the evening. But the question of power on the Weser is not cleared for a long time, because there are more opportunities for different coalitions emerged. The Greens could tip the scales and be appropriately courted.

the mood of The Comrades in the Rheinland-pub “Ständige Vertretung” in the historic old town of Bremen was pressed, there was not a Kölsch and not a Short one. The city-state of Wilhelm Kaisen, Hans Koschnick, and Hennig Scherf – he’s threatening to slip out of the since more than 70 years, leaders Enjoyed. “These Figures are certainly disappointing,” said the acting head of government Carsten Sieling (SPD). The word “quite” if he can omit.

SPD hopes that the government in three Alliance

But the SPD hopes to have the Option red-Red-Green. Always the Bremen SPD party had distinguished themselves by courage and upright gait. This will remain so. “We look to the future and want to make,” said Sieling quite vague. SPD parliamentary leader Björn Tschöpe know by whom of the design space is dependent on this: “It depends on the Green.” The Left, which rose significantly, were certainly ready for a red-Red-Green.

That history was written for the Christian Democrats is clear, the nearly 350 meters of air line away from the SPD in the “market hall Eight” celebrated. Between the two election party locations in Bremen are centers of power, citizenship and the city hall, in the since the end of the war, every mayor, the SPD party book had. “The SPD has clearly lost. We have won. And we have a government,” said the top candidate Carsten Meyer-Heder clip, and clear. “Jamaica, I would love good. I can also imagine a Black-and-Green.” With the Numbers the latter Option is not surrendered first.

the man who wants to be “not a politician” May be a mayor, too?

The CDU has managed the Coup on the Weser with an absolute political Greenhorn: Meyer-Heder, 58 years, is a software entrepreneur and “not a politician”, as the Two-Meter man stressed again and again. “I want to be mayor,” he said. But he needs a Partner. The FDP would not entrances rather than in Jamaica. However, the Green depth of the trenches to the liberals on the issues of economy and transport.

Maike Schaefer, green top candidate, is clearly on the winning side. Quite different than the social Democrats, the eco-emerges from the overall 12-year-old red-green government of the time. Since June 2007, they governed together with the SPD, set with Karoline Linnert as the Finance Minister of an important set screws in the highly indebted Bremen. Now they are the king makers who can decide whom you heave on the mayor’s chair.

Interactive choice graphics

state elections in Bremen, 2019: results, projections and more

The SPD was missing after a first analysis of research analysis of elections is a driving force. The inconspicuous mayor Sieling I can’t Amtsbonus work, wrote the Mannheim researchers in the evening.

A sitting of ten years (1995-2005) in the city hall, of course, for the SPD – Henning Scherf (80), speech on election night on television of a new Chapter. “No, the world is not going to. It is a learning process. Since we don’t have to be in a panic. This is a lesson to be a mandate from the voters better.” If the SPD fails to comply with this order on the Opposition or government Bank, the must show.

Helmut Reuter / REUTERS