In the CDU, the proposal of the CSU leader Markus Söder to the design of a basic pension is to be welcomed. The social policy spokesman of the Union group, Peter Weiß (CDU), said the Newspapers of the Funke media group: “The proposal of the CSU is good and right.”

He, however, is still to simplify, for example, by equal to the pension check, whether the applicant or his spouse have another income, so that there is no response to the basic social security office will be necessary.

Söder had proposed as a counter-model to the concept of social Minister, Hubertus Heil (SPD), a “pension” protective shield “for the age”. After the pension paper of the CSU, which is present the German press Agency, is to be provided about 175,000 of the approximately 544.000 recipients of basic security in old age better: namely the fact that you are a part of your pension will not be credited up to € 212 per month on the basic security. In addition, you should be able to up to 15,000 Euro assets to retain three Times as much as today. Condition is as in the case of healing, that you have paid at least 35 years of pension contributions. “We want to be accurate a goal, and bureaucracy-poor solution from a single source,” said Söder of the dpa.

In the “Passauer Neue Presse”, he defended the CSU-concept: “Our concept is an offer to act quickly. It corresponds to the spirit of the coalition agreement. It is workable and affordable.”

Minister of healing, however, has already criticized, that the CSU-model, a lot less people would benefit. He insists on its own concept, which is generally no means test for the basic pension recipient. The SPD had previously rejected already a compromise proposal of the CDU’s workers ‘ wing, which provided a means-tested, but less extensive than originally planned. Only tested the current income of a household, but not the assets or the size of the apartment should be after that.

The Union criticised the fact that without the means test, people would not benefit, the need and the cost will be driven so unreasonable in amount. The CDU politician Knows said: “A basic pension without assets test is for the Union not to imagine. This contradicts the sense of Justice of those who Finance the basic pension with their taxes.”

Except in the Central point of dispute of the means test Söder compromise ready. “I am in favour of a constructive solution. You can to work and compromises the screws. But without a means-test the basic pension is unfair and anti-social,” he said of the “PNP”.


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