The SPD plans for a Reform of the welfare state, from the CDU, the demand for a reorientation of Hartz IV. The CDU labor market expert Kai Whittaker presented a Five-point Plan for the Reform of the basic security, which is the dpa in Berlin.

Whittaker wants to be tough on the unemployed, sometimes more, in order to find a Job, the Concerned but also much more support.

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had accused the SPD recently, the “Promote and Challenge” principle, to want to of the welfare state and basic social security, in part to give up. Earlier, had recommended to the SPD’s social policy initiatives for Overcoming of Hartz IV in its present Form with their followers. The social Democrats profess, among other things, to less sanctions for Hartz IV recipients when violations, prolonged withdrawal of unemployment benefit for Older and more targeted training.

Whittaker relies on a set of measures, the focus is Affected from the unemployment, without the Hartz System is fundamentally out of the question. Also, he relies on a qualification, but also emphasizes enhanced mandatory approaches. “People, the the 40. Years of age have not completed, you must take a vocational training in attack”, – stated in the proposal of the CDU deputies.

In the job centers to reach Whittaker, that the individual maintainer be significantly less unemployed. Because the current Ratio is 1 to 128. This ratio is not rich. In addition, incentives should be for marginal employment is reduced. The Hartz-services would have to be significantly stronger calculated as a lump sum – instead of as today on the Basis of the individual needs. The job centre would have to be for the use of their funds more flexible.