According to the agreement on the future role of Friedrich Merz of the CDU sceptical voices come from the marketing wing of the party and of Conservatives.

The Secretary-General of the CDU economic Council, Wolfgang Steiger, told the German press Agency, the Council welcome the fact that CDU leader, Annegret’m Kramp-karrenbauer clear that Merz with its strong economic policy expertise, and his close international, in particular transatlantic network for the Union is essential. “It is important, however, that Friedrich Merz could be effective to deficits in the market to compensate for the economic and liberal-conservative profile of the CDU.”

Whether the adequate tools had been found, it will show the time, said Steiger. “Only the participation in an existing Commission would be to weak a step, to lead the party to its former strength.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer had reached an agreement with Merz, the losing candidate in the struggle for the party presidency, his involvement in the party work. Merz is a member of a group of experts to the social market economy and a leading authority on the subject of “the future of transatlantic relations” to accompany. In addition, he is involved in the new CDU-principle program.

the Chairman of The conservative Union, Alexander Mitsch, told the German press Agency: “Merz as a member of the Commission of experts to the social market economy is a good catch for the CDU.” Stay to be seen whether he could enforce his Agenda for service providers. At the same time, the sisters said: “But where is the necessary change for more safety and less uncontrolled immigration? So this is nothing to do with the clear profile of the CDU.”

Merz had lost in a vote at the Federal party at the beginning of December, almost against Kramp-karrenbauer. Especially of the liberal and conservative wings of the CDU had demanded a strong role for Merz in the party.