The conservative “values-Union” has the CDU and the CSU, a clear demarcation to the left and to the solution of the pressing problems of the citizens asked. The results of the election and the polls showed that the rate of the past was a failure of the CDU-party leadership with a crash, said Federal chief Alexander Mitsch in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. “There must be no “More-so”.” Similar to the earlier constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen said in the fall of the upcoming Landtag elections in Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony.

“Who else wants to permanently ignore problems or do not perceive, who is she talking about small problems or not problems viewing, will eventually be face to face with reality and failure,” said Maassen in a video message for the Meeting of the “values-Union”. The people in the East German länder, asked why there are still so many foreigners would come, which would have no Asylum. It is a matter of internal security, the fear for their own safety and the issue of freedom of expression, said Maaßen, a member of the “values-Union”.

Hans-Georg Maaßen to the AfD: “You never know”

In an Interview Maaßen from a collaboration between the CDU and the AfD in Germany’s Eastern länder in perspective. “I think in the current Situation, we will exclude it also, that it comes to such a coalition, but you never know,” he said in the Germany radio. The domestic policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Konstantin Kuhle, said the “Handelsblatt”: “Maaßen is the best choice of fighter for the AfD. The Union needs to distance itself from his tangled arguments.”

debate of the Chancellor candidates

rejection of AKK? As the “values-Union” makes for irritation in the CDU

The “values-Union”, the self-proclaimed conservative wing of the CDU/CSU, wants to let by primary a candidate for Chancellor to determine. Behind the demand is an indirect rejection of the CDU Manager.

the sisters on the other hand urged a delineation of the Union to the left. He denounced a Statement of the heads of government of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther (CDU). When Günther, in an Interview with the Prime Minister of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow (Left), it alone kidney, the time of exclusion is over, it is a grotto the wrong Signal and almost party-damaging.

the sisters described the Green as “Ökopopulisten”. They did so, as if there were simple solutions, to save the world. He warned the CDU in front of it, the Green theme of the table to approximate. Rather, the Union must sharpen its core competencies, such as in the internal security.

“value-Union” as a “CDU-destroyer”?

The “values-Union” was founded in 2017 as the club – especially as a response to the refugee policy of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). The “values-Union” sees itself as the representative of the conservative movement in the Union, and is not an official party structure. According to Mitsch has more than 2000 members. Mitsch was confirmed on Saturday for a further two years in the office of the Federal Chairperson.

the Schleswig-Holstein Minister of education, Karin Prien (CDU), tweeted on the occasion of the meeting under the Hashtag “Maassen”: “Today, the actual CDU-destroyer at work. Nothing is legitimate and up to no Good.”

Originally, the CDU should-Federal Vice Thomas Strobl attend the Meeting in Filderstadt. He said then, however, and reasoned that the “values-Union” have recently placed their focus solely on staff issues, such as Merkel’s future. He did not want to contribute to “self-destructive self-employment processes”. The sisters took this opportunity for a reminder: the CDU and CSU need to work on their intra-party culture of debate.

a Lot of applause from the chief of the German police Union, Rainer Wendt earned in Filderstadt, Germany, for his words to internal security. He also sees the future of the CDU and the CSU grim: If the Union is to remove more of the reality of human life, over you danger to suffer the same fate as the SPD.

sources : Germany radio, “Handelsblatt”, the news Agency DPA