Stuttgart, Germany: man dies in drunk tank

In Stuttgart, Germany, a man died in police custody. The police announced on Wednesday, was found the 51-Year-old already on Saturday morning, lifeless in a drunk tank. Police officers, in the service of being a doctor of police custody and an added called paramedics tried to resuscitate the clearly drunken man. Without Success. The autopsy results showed The man died, alleged to be an acute cardiovascular failure with seizures due to withdrawal symptoms. Notes are not available to third-party negligence. Two days earlier, a 48 died-Year-old in a drunk tank. A coroner with him is an internal head injury than deaths. The severely drunk police man now known, it was noticed, on Tuesday the employees of the Stuttgarter straßenbahnen AG. A police patrol attended to him and brought him to a court order in the detention facility. Both men have been presented prior to the recording in the police custody in each case a doctor agreed the adhesiveness. In addition, both men have speed and Control, every hour, personally monitored. As the control officer saw an hour earlier, according to the men, there have been no abnormalities. The two now Deceased are the first dead in the Stuttgart police custody for approximately fourteen years.

Jena: 20 years after the murder of ten-year old suspect

caught In the Thuringian town of Jena in the state police inspection Jena decorated Soko “old cases has taken” a 76-Year-old. The pensioner from Mühltroff is suspected, on 15. August 1996 addressed to the then ten-year-old Ramona Kraus in the vicinity of the Columbus-center in Jena Winzerla and his car to an unknown destination where he killed the girl. He then drove the body of the girl in the 130 km away burschla and put them in there. 13.February 1997 was a hunter first, that there is the satchel of the girl and a few days later, body parts of missing girl. The police announced on Wednesday morning, to be supplied to the suspect in the course of the day, a judge.

news from Tuesday, 28. January

Munich: Old woman’s corpse in apartment discovered

In Munich, a janitor has already made it last Saturday made a ghastly Discovery. According to police data, the man had noticed in a multi-family house, a strong smell of decay, which obviously came from the apartment of an elderly lady. Accordingly, he rang the Pensioner, who has not responded, however.

The house master informed the fire brigade who opened the apartment door and in the entrance area to the already partially decayed corpse of the woman came across. The exact cause of death had not been able to appoint a body shiver, the police could also find no references to a foreign or self – negligence. The first investigations showed that the woman was already for about two months, dead in her apartment.

all the Same: attack with a cigarette butt: teenager collapses

A 16-Year-old is broken up into upper Franconia, after him, another Teenager has pressed a cigarette butt in the face. As the police said, had beaten the two 14 and 16-year-old youth on Monday in a school in Selb (Bavaria). The 14-Year-old is said to have pressed the 16-Year-old in the course of the fight, a cigarette butt in the face. Subsequently, this was broken unconscious together.

The victim was taken to the hospital and treated on an outpatient basis. Whether it is due to the fracture of the young people alone on the attack with the cigarette butt, was the reason for the brawl initially unclear. Against the two young men with the police for assault.

Eppelborn and Düsseldorf: Two bombs keep residents in the breath

With two bombs have to do it the police and the ordnance bomb disposal in the afternoon, in the Federal territory. In the municipality of Eppeldorn in the Saarland, a 250-pound unexploded US was found-American origin. In the düsseldorf district of Rath and was twice as heavy explosive device – also “Made in USA”. During the world war II bomb in Dusseldorf in the evening – should be mitigated against 19 clock, the specialists have secured the dud in Eppeldorn first. This will only be defused in the next few days, a police spokesman with In both cases, a residence for seniors in the safety radius. In Düsseldorf to be brought according to the police, around 7,000 residents temporarily in safety.

green city: After balcony fall: Drunk wants to police boxes

After he had fallen from a balcony, was delivering a drunken 51-year-old man in the town of grünstadt (Rheinland-Pfalz) in a hospital – and attacked police officers. As the police officers told him that he needed to sober up in the hospital, he had built up in boxer position in front of the officials, police said on Tuesday. The attacks of the man would have shot. According to police, he had almost three per Mille of alcohol in the blood.

The police had previously been of paramedics brought in, because of the 51-feared Year, to have to pass, and therefore tried to get out of the ambulance. Because of the Nausea Symptom could be a vibration for a brain, convinces him to continue to ride, police said. In the hospital he had to wait according to police sources, due to a life-threatening Emergency. When he wanted to leave and to Stay, was asked to handle it. No one was hurt.

slot: 78-year-old driver crashes into tree and dies

In the case of a car accident in the Central Hessian bird mountain circle is a 78-Year-old died at the scene of the accident. The driver was lost on Monday evening of the roadway and hit a tree rebounded, as the police reported Tuesday. By the impact, the woman had been trapped in your car. Shortly after the rescue by the fire brigade, they died. So far, it was not known why the woman from the district of Fulda to the height of a Parking space on the road 3143 came off the road between the towns of Schlitz and Pfordt to the left of the road. According to police, a loss of 3500 euros.

Wittenberge: 28-Year-old police officer threatened with knife – the SEC-use of

A 28-Year-old has thrown in Wittenberge (Brandenburg) use of the special task force (SEC) of the Brandenburg police. The man had not appeared for his court hearing before the district court of perleberg. After the court had ordered to let the man police perform, sought him police officers on Tuesday morning at his home address on the police Directorate of Northern Europe.

When the officers at the door rang, opened the 28-Year-old and threatened them with a knife. He then barricaded himself in the apartment, as it was called. Since the man the police as mentally-ill and violent, known, asked the officials of the SEC to support. The police operation lasted at noon. First of all, the “Märkische newspaper had reported”.

Augsburg: Long prison sentence for paedophile doctor

Due to the abuse of around 20 young a child has been sentenced the doctor to a prison sentence of 12 years and nine months. The most serious fact is, the man committed suicide in August 2014 in Garbsen near Hannover. There, the doctor kidnapped a five-year-old in his apartment in Hannover, where he worked at that time at the Medical school. The man drugged the child, passed on him and dismissed the stunned victim.

The Augsburg regional court ordered in its judgment that the 44-year-old physician, must to the prison in preventive detention. In addition, the man got a life-long prohibition from practising a profession as a doctor. The children’s doctor had admitted all of the allegations. The man had mentioned time and again in Augsburg and Munich, children on the street or the Playground, you toy promised and you need to miss in the middle of the buildings.

The Augsburg court had sentenced the man to 13 years and six months in prison and preventive detention, as well as to a prohibition from practising a profession. This ruling was repealed by the Federal court of justice, however. In the new procedure, the debt capacity of the man had to be tested again.


The now-convicted doctor confessed to have around 20 boys sexually abused

©Karl-Josef Hildenbrand DPA Köln: 18-accident needs Years to escape before police fatally

In Cologne, Germany, a 18 accident-Year-old on the run from the police, to be fatal. As the officials said, wanted to stop a Patrol car the Teenager because of a broken tail light and control. Accordingly, they sat down in front of the vehicle of the young man and turned on the “do-follow”Signal. As a result, the 18 had fled-Year-old right out of care and with a clearly excessive speed, in the direction of the Rhine.

After running a red light, the man lost control of his vehicle, went off the road and crashed into a wall. He was trapped in his vehicle. Alerted firefighters could free him from the wreckage, however, came too late to help – the Victim died at the scene of an accident. On the vehicle were appropriate according to the police, the stolen license plate.

Heubach: skin and head of a wild boar in the forest

In the forest at Heubach skin and head of a wild boar have been found. The shooting tenant have discovered the Remains of the animal on Sunday in the forest area nails mountain, police said on Tuesday. How the killed wild boar and where it was excluded, is currently still unclear. The canines of the wild boar have been keeping the illegal hunters, apparently as a trophy. The police are now looking for the culprit, currently there is, however, no evidence, said a police spokesman.


after a heavy sexual abuse of children In a number of cases, three Suspects children in need of heavy sexual abuse. The Suspects had been arrested in the district of Lippe, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday. The Victims were children under the age of 4 to 13 years. The investigators expect to see a variety of acts. Were more backgrounds and Details of the arrests, the authorities want to communicate only on Wednesday at a press conference in Detmold.

Grevenbroich: ATM blown up Slips are in the vestibule

thieves have blown up in a Bank branch in Grevenbroich is a cash machine in the air. Local residents had been awakened on Tuesday morning by the noise, said a police spokeswoman. How much money the thieves stole, was initially unclear. The investigators found several Tickets in the vestibule between the glass shards of broken discs. The culprit fled undetected.

Ratingen: car rolls down the stairs

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Ratingen was trapped a man by his car. The fire Department reported on Tuesday, wanted to get out of the pensioners on Monday evening, about 21: 30 o’clock from his car, as this made it independently, and down a flight of stairs and rolled in. The driver was trapped with his leg between the door, sills and stair railings. The rescue team secured first the vehicle, climbed into the Interior, to care for the inmates. After that, they removed the railing with a hydraulic device, so that they could open the car door. The pensioner suffered bruising and abrasions, but remained otherwise unharmed. The vehicle was towed.


The rescue workers had to take the man out of his car

©Feuerwehr Ratingen Berlin: police free searches apartments to money Transporter-RAID

After a RAID on a money Transporter in October, the police on early Tuesday morning, several apartments in Berlin search. The aim had been to further evidence in the proceedings to locate, said the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Berlin. Searches the “home addresses of the two accused, aged 25 and 38 years in Kreuzberg, Steglitz and Tempelhof”. To the use of, among other things, the special forces of the land criminal police office and the action forces of the riot police were involved.

On the 19. October had brakes multiple perpetrators in a money Transporter with two cars, close to the Alexanderplatz. The attackers brought the threatened the occupant of the Transporter with firearms, while cartridges with the Transporter left, and the money in one of the previously stolen Tatfahrzeuge. Fleeing from a patrol car, the attackers gave up in the middle of the Monday morning traffic shots. The police broke off the pursuit. Prey were not the perpetrators, however. Part of the money they lost, according to police at the scene, the Rest remained in the van. In December, the police arrested two Suspects in connection with the robbery.


On the 19. October had broken open the Unknown of a money Transporter in Berlin, and a plurality of cash cassettes stolen

©Paul Zinken DPA

news of Monday, 28. January

Wiesbaden: Drunk drivers, “sneaks” on the highway

With more than three per Mille of alcohol and extremely slow travel, a Drunk on the highway 66 in Wiesbaden for risk and sensation. Other drivers had reported on Saturday that a car in snake lines and with pace, 40, was driving on the motorway, police said on Monday. Police officers controlled the 51-year-old driver at a gas station and found him a breath alcohol level of about three per thousand. The man was taken to the blood collection with the Department, his license was forfeited.

Berlin: a prisoner escapes from prison, the second detainee fails

He is said to have overcome a barbed wire secure fence: A prisoner escaped Berlin with the help of clothing or a blanket out of the open prison. The man had climbed on Friday evening, “to all appearances over the fence” and have reported, so far back in the prison of Plötzensee prison, said a spokesman for the Senate administration for justice on Monday. About the same time another prisoner had tried to climb over the fence – he was wounds with cut but still on the site in focus. Several Newspapers had online reports about the incident.

The police fahnde after the escaped, but not classified as dangerous, the man, the speaker. The prisoner was, therefore, due to theft and fraud, a so-called substitute prison sentence. That is, he had to go to prison, because he could not pay a fine or wanted.

Last, had tried in the past week, in a closed men’s prison Tegel two Prisoners to escape. The administration of justice, however, said only the “exceptional incidents”, as both men were still on the Site.

food: shoplifter threatens in the supermarket with Aids syringe

An unknown shoplifter threatened in Essen’s Rüttenscheid district, a supermarket employee with a syringe that was allegedly laced with the HI Virus. According to police, the man had stowed away several energy drink cans in his gym bag, and wanted to make without having to pay out of the dust. A 51-year-old employee noticed the project and spoke to the man and then pulled said syringe from his jacket pocket and threatened To with Aids to infect.

The shoplifter was able to escape and is now wanted by the police. He is described as follows:

about 180 centimetres tall, medium build, short black hair and a black beard, black-and-gray jacket, dark blue pants and white sneakers black sport bag

at the meeting, the officials take the number 0201/829-0.

Dormagen: 2000 liters of Oil after a ship collision in the Rhine

passes In a ship collision on the Rhine near Dormagen (North Rhine-Westphalia) are about to reach 2000 liters of Oil into the river. The düsseldorf fire brigade tried on Monday, according to a speaker with a large-scale operation, the port entrances to close with oil Booms to prevent the spread of the oil Slick on the ports. The two vessels collided on Monday in Dormagen-Zons to the front. On the Rhine itself, the Oil slick was unstoppable due to the high flow velocity with the oil Booms. The Oil slick approached, therefore, Duisburg.

Mainz: party guest steals car

an 18-Year – old presented to the end of your Party for sure had at the very least you should have now Trouble with your sister. The police announced on Monday, had given the young woman on Tuesday evening of last week, an unauthorized Party in the house of their parents. How is that so, brought in some friends, uninvited guests. At least one or a party of visitors led to no Good, as the sister of the hostess the Morning after to find. So the Unknown had stolen the ignition of your Mercedes A180 and was driven from the court.

missing from the Car still each track, asking the police are now potential witnesses to contact the police of Mainz under the number 06131/ 65-3633.

Bocholt: Three Dead in Crash with pig Transporter

In a collision with several vehicles on a Federal road in Bocholt (NRW), three people were killed. Two other people were injured in the collision on Monday morning in serious injuries, the police said. A pig Transporter was involved, a spokesman said. Some of the animals inside were running around, first on the road, then in an adjacent embankment. The livestock last had the car on a guard rail was left broken with the roof down, like a dpa Reporter reported. The cause of the accident was initially unclear.

The three people killed had been sitting in a car, your identity will be clarified now. The accident, the closures and diversions are very costly, said the police spokesman. “This is going to take even longer.” Members would be taken care of. You’ve also drawn a expert, in addition, the district veterinary office. It is still open whether or not animals should be slaughtered and how they are transferred.

Buggingen: 27-Year-old and lethal

injured A pedestrian driving is driving in Buggingen (Baden-Württemberg) by a car and fatally injured. The young woman didn’t want to cross on Sunday, together with several companions the Federal highway 3, informed the police headquarters in Freiburg. As a car approached, the 27-Year-old in the middle of the road. Suddenly, she was but behind the other pedestrians and got hit by the car. The pedestrian died at the scene of the accident. Why they remained stand there for a while and then went off, was unclear.

Duisburg,: name could be spelled, in the end, a couple builds an accident

the accident reports for the traffic cops to the everyday life. What was, however, behind the collision of two vehicles on Saturday in Duisburg, is also likely to experienced law enforcement officers surprised the eyebrow: in The late afternoon two cars were involved in an accident, after a crossroads, the traffic lights had failed and one of the two drivers, a 70-year-old man is being ignored and the then applicable priority scheme. So far, so ordinary.

reported to the police, however, had the ‘polluter pays’, a 34-year-old escort in the car, the owner of the car. The police wanted to both know who was driven. The answers were not clear, the officials after drilled. “The 34-Year-old admitted that she was during the journey in the lap of an Audi driver and you had sexual intercourse,” according to the police. And further: “The Steer, change gear and the pedal you’ve shared.” In addition, hatte none of both a valid driving licence. On the two criminal proceedings for dangerous driving and driving without a driving licence, a comes now.

Schramberg: mother kills own daughter and injured son hard

A mother killed in the district of Rottweil (Baden-Württemberg), your 22-year-old daughter with a knife and her son seriously injured. As prosecutors and police said, the 56-Year-old in fact, on the day before “in a mental state of exception”. First of all, the woman had stabbed her daughter in an apartment in Hardt. After that, you will be driving the car to a few kilometers away, Schramberg, where she injured her 25-year-old son in the apartment with a kitchen knife. The young man suffered a serious stab wound in the chest and was operated in the night. Risk non-life portfolio.

The mother had then stabbed himself repeatedly with a knife in the chest, but only superficially injured. Police officers arrested in the apartment of her son. You should still be on Monday for a detention judge.

Bielefeld: man pours 69-Year-old hot coffee to the face

for no apparent reason, a 30 should have poured-Year-old in Bielefeld Central station, a traveler of hot coffee in the face. In the incident at a Bakery, the 69-year-old travelers, redness of the skin and a scare in the suffered, have the Federal police of Münster said.

The 69-Year-old wanted to buy on Saturday in a Bakery, just buns, as the 30-Year-old suddenly his hot coffee into his face hurled. Then the suspects moved away. The police could make him a little later in a fast food restaurant.

There is no indication of why he had committed the offence, said a police spokesman. The man had not commented on it. The incident is not a dispute had preceded. After noting his personal details, the Bielefeld came again on free foot. Is determined because of dangerous bodily injury. The 69-Year-old was able to compete after the incident, his scheduled tour.

Ingolstadt, Germany: 17-Year-old is said to have killed one-year-old son

A 17-Year-old is said to have killed her small son in the Northern part of upper Bavaria. For the murder of the young mother, must from 4. February brought before the youth chamber of the regional court in Ingolstadt. According to the indictment, the teenagers had cut off the one year old boy the air supply. Further Details of the deed have not been called.

Due to the age of the accused, the entire process takes place behind closed doors. There are planned several days. Only after the judgment, the court wants to give a message to the result of the procedure, such as a court explained the spokesperson.

pour: police evacuated dozens of drunk Truck driver from the transport

With a control action on Hesse’s highways, the police is against drunk truck driver proceeded. As the police pour in the ice, had been drinking from about 1200 controlled drivers 190 alcohol – 79 of them says that’s why the Start to the end of the Sunday driving ban (22: 00). In the action on Sunday night, around 250 police officers were involved. The officials worked from Parking lot to Parking lot and knocked on the doors of the Truck driver. Among the vehicles near Darmstadt was also a dangerous goods truck that was loaded with nitric acid. The driver had 1.5 per mil alcohol in the breath. The man a longer break had been prescribed, according to the police.

Berlin: police, drunk students, and without a license behind the wheel

The eye-catching way of driving a young man came to a police patrol in the district of Friedrichshain strange. They stopped the driver on Saturday night – he was without a valid driver’s license on the road and his vehicle was not insured. In addition, he had a 0.7 per Mille of alcohol in the blood. In the case of the recording of the person’s alien turned out that the drunk driver is a Trainee of the police Academy. He must answer now on suspicion of drink driving, driving without a licence and violation of the compulsory insurance law. In addition, the service could face legal consequences, as the police announced on Sunday.

Winnweiler: man threatened police officers and shot in the head,

is shot by A COP when used in Winnweiler (donnersbergkreis) an armed man shot. The 51-Year-old had threatened the officers with a firearm, informed the police headquarters westpfalz. The forces had been called in on Sunday evening to a family dispute. What it was and why the 51-Year-old, the police officers threatened, was initially unclear. The man was injured and taken to a hospital. How severe his injuries are, was initially unclear.

Heidelberg cancer researcher threatens prison for animals

try The public Prosecutor’s office in Heidelberg is investigating a former employee of the German cancer research center (DKFZ) on suspicion of violation of the animal protection act. “We are investigating, whether it is at the DKFZ granted in negligence to a criminal Offense or an administrative offense,” said authorities spokesman Tim Haaf. The Association Doctors against animal experiments had shown the Doctor. According to the Association, the Experiment was received, some of the mice to tumors in agony, without a motion on the approval. Vice President Corina Gericke said: “This is not a minor offense.”

the stumbling block was an experiment with mice, the effectiveness of a particular virus therapy for malignant Ewing’s sarcoma, especially children suffering. The in the summer of last year published a study of animal rights activists got on their analysis of publications in the hands.

The DKFZ accepts that, the researchers coated the specified trial time frame from five years to six weeks, a different tumor cell line as originally planned, used and some mice to late to have put to sleep. To tumors but died not a single animal. And the Team of the Doctor have, of course, made an application, in which it is imagined to move all the time. The deviations are seen, however, as a criminal Offence, then the Oncologist faces up to three years in prison.

hall: man invaded home

and robbed A man is threatened in the hall of four Unknowns in a multi-family house with a knife, beaten and robbed. The 21-Year-old met in the night to Monday in the hallway of the house in which he lives, on four of the perpetrators, the police announced. You have beaten him, according to the information from the Assembly with the fist in the face, and for the restitution of the cash asked. Das the victims have issued money “in small quantity” and a watch and was slightly injured. The offender fled in an unknown direction.

sources: press portal police/ “Twitter police in Berlin”/

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man flees after accident in detainee clothes

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