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the cause for the sinking of the cruise ship “Viking Sky” (16.29 PM)Spahn strike calls on students to concrete Action (15: 28), No agreement on arms exports to the stop of the Federal security Council (14: 28)steel rope on the German railway stretched – IS-sympathizer in Austria arrested (10.46 a.m.)bomb defused in Rostock successfully (10.29 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 16.52 PM: umbrella slays a student at the University of Lausanne +++

A student was taken in Switzerland of a falling sun screen, and after several weeks in a coma and died. The incident occurred on the 4. March on the University campus in Lausanne, such as the Prosecutor’s office announced. In the course of the investigation, witnesses would be sought. Previously, the newspaper “24 heures reported.” According to the University, it was the Day of the accident very windy. Bystanders later reported that the 22-Year-old of the screen and plunged to the ground. She died on Tuesday.

+++ 16: 45: Finnish police covers up mass child stick made abuse +++

The Finnish police has a comprehensive case of child sexual abuse to the public. In the case of studies in the past one and a half years ago, five Finnish Suspects had been identified, including a main suspect, police said. You should have brought, therefore, mass shooting, with children pornographic Material to Finland, and it is spreading. It is seen, according to police information on how children are sexually abused. Some of the Suspects are expected to have exploited children.

There were 70 alleged offences, said the police. The investigation had been taken for evidence to a foreign authority in the fall of 2017 and would have been extended to 17 countries. The deeds had been perpetrated in the years 2004 to 2018. In the case of the six alleged Victims, there was a Finnish boy. The youngest of them had not been to the criminal time in the school, the level of the oldest in the upper. All of the suspects were Finns. Where the deeds to have occurred, said the police to the protection of victims.

+++ 16.42 PM: Lufthansa-Chef Spohr uses familiar more on Boeing +++

Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr more on Boeing. Germany’s largest Airline not to have lost trust in the U.S. aircraft builders “” said Spohr, according to the company, at an event in New York. Boeing have built over the decades, “wonderful” planes. With a view to the debate around the safety of Boeing aircraft type 737 Max Spohr said, he was sure, that you solve this current Problem.

+++ 16.35 PM: Denmark’s Minister of justice would have seen European IS fighters rather be dead +++

In the debate about the return of former fighters of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in their European countries of origin, Denmark’s Minister of justice has, with the drastic words. The jihadists would be better “fallen in battle”, rather than return, said the conservative Minister, Soren Pape Poulsen, according to local media, before a parliamentary Committee.

Nevertheless, his government is ready for the returnees, said Poulsen. “It is better, if you are imprisoned here, as you travel around.” Accordingly, around 40 IS-followers are currently with Connections to Denmark in the territory of the former Caliphate of the Islamists militia. Ten of them were detained there.

+++ 16.29 PM: cause of cruise drama is clear: low Oil pressure +++

Low Oil pressure has caused the wreck of the cruise ship “Viking Sky”. The pressure is within the prescribed limits, but has been relatively low, informed the Norwegian Maritime authority, at a press conference in the city of Haugesund. The have caused the engine problems, due to which the ship in distress. The difficult conditions at sea at the time of the incident, had also contributed to the difficulties in the drive of the 227-Meter-long ship.

The “Viking Sky” on Saturday afternoon during a storm in a dangerous West coast of Norway with engine problems in distress. On Board 1373 people were at the time. Almost 500 people were taken by helicopter to the country, the rest of the passengers and crew members arrived on Sunday afternoon with the to the point in time drive capable ship to the port of Molde. On Wednesday, the “Viking Sky” for repair, drove to work to Kristiansund.

+++ 16: 26: Ex-Minister of foreign Affairs Gabriel wants to take a new consultant post +++

The former Federal Minister of foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) should probably move up in the Advisory Board of the auditing company Deloitte. The ethics Commission of the possible conflict of interest checks to a former Minister in the case of new activities, notified, according to the “mirror” any objections to Gabriel’s calling. The Federal Cabinet approved a proposal of the Commission.

The former SPD leader holds in addition to his Bundestag mandate already lucrative part-time jobs. He writes guest posts for the Holtzbrinck media, “Handelsblatt”, “Tagesspiegel” and “Zeit” and thus deserves according to its own figures, between 15,000 and 30,000 euros in a month. In addition, Gabriel in February, has confirmed to the “daily mirror” that the influential Association of the Atlantic have offered a bridge to him in the chair. The Association for German-American cooperation. Gabriel would follow the former Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz (CDU).

+++ 16.02 PM: MAD officer from accusations of secret treason in the case, Franco A. Frei + +

spoken + The Cologne district court has spoken to an officer of the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) from the allegation of breach of confidentiality. The court found it not proven that the man illegally revealed information far, as a court spokeswoman said. The prosecution had accused him, to have a contact person of the extreme right-wing German soldiers Franco A. investigations of civilian authorities within the Bundeswehr. The defendant rejected this.

The case, Franco A. had taken care of 2017 nationwide attention. The Federal government brought a legal profession charges against the Lieutenant, and threw him “out of a völkisch-nationalist ethos” to have a stroke on the lives of high-ranking politicians and other people planned that, in his view, a refugee-friendly commitment. The higher regional court of Frankfurt am Main was, however, A. had, in all probability noch not been firmly determined to commit a serious act of violent Subversion. The warrant of arrest against A. has been repealed and the proceedings against him in the district court of Darmstadt referred to.

+++ 15: 28: Spahn calls for the end of the strike, students to Action +++

the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has called on the protesters of the “Fridays for Future”demonstrations, to engage in their environment more. “It remains politically, but be specific!”, Spahn writes in a guest contribution in the “time”. “Who takes the students seriously, must you ask at the same time: How will it go specifically? What is your advice, what are the consequences of your suggestions for whom and how do we deal specifically with these consequences?”.

Spahn calls on the demonstrators to get involved in parties. By the way, alone, through demonstrations will lead to, “probably to the disappointment”. “Who does not feel that the political commitment to effect concrete changes, loses his aim,” writes Spahn.

+++ 15.05: son of South African President shops with scandal company grants a +++

The son of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has done business with a corruption-ridden company. The Bosasa group, have asked his company in December 2017, for a monthly rent of $ 16,000 (14,000 euros) to advise on public and private tenders in Kenya and Uganda, said Andile Ramaphosa, the news site News24. “This was a serious Oversight on our part.” In retrospect, the contract with Bosasa had not been checked by the group is sufficient, said Ramaphosa. The efforts of his father, they would have had to the presidency.

+++ 15.02 PM: Explosion in Stockholm – police +++

In an Explosion in an industrial area in Stockholm, several people have suffered minor injuries. Five people were medically treated, two of them were transported with minor injuries to the hospital, such as the floor, said police. By the nocturnal Detonation in front of a restaurant in the district of Vinsta, approximately 15 kilometers North-West from the centre of the Swedish capital had the window broken and the exterior facade of a hotel, and cars have been damaged. It is a criminal Offence. Arrested, no one had been yet.

+++ 15.00: the secret service: 20 Islamist militants on the Peninsula of Crimea arrested +++

The Russian domestic taken the secret service FSB on the black sea Peninsula of Crimea, according to 20 alleged supporters of a banned Islamist Organisation. During the search of the propaganda material had been seized in a considerable amount of electronic media, informed the FSB. The investigators accuse the organization Hizb ut-Tahrir anti-constitutional activities, which aimed to overthrow the government. In addition, the followers would have tried to get on the 2014 from Russia Peninsula, annexed to recruit new members among the Muslim population.

+++ 14.44 PM: Brunei carries a death penalty for homosexual intercourse, a +++

In a strictly conservative Sultanate of Brunei in the future, the death penalty for same-sex Sex. The revision of the penal code provides that a homosexual Partner be stoned to death. The rule applies only to Muslims in the small state on the island of Borneo. Under the applicable Islamic Shari’a – the religious sources of secondary law – homosexuality was previously illegal. Be tightened according to the new law, the penalties for theft. The human rights organization Amnesty International called on Wednesday the “immediate stop” of the new rules. The proposed penalties were “cruel and inhuman”. Consensual Sex between same-sex couples should not be classified as a criminal Offence.

+++ 14.28 PM: No agreement on arms exports to the stop of the Federal security Council +++

The Federal security Council has made in its secret session, no agreement on a possible extension of an arms export ban to Saudi Arabia. The German press Agency learned in Berlin. The talks would now run to the first between the coalition parties CDU, CSU and SPD. Subsequently, the Federal security Council, will deal again with the export stop. The Federal government had stopped in November after the killing of the Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi all arms exports to Saudi Arabia – already approved.

Already before the security Council session, several unification attempts between the coalition parties on different levels failed. The social Democrats are for extending the Export ban to six months, the Union is against it. The Export ban has already been twice extended and is running until next Sunday. Until then, Union and SPD want to find a compromise.

+++ 14.14 PM: tear gas attack in Koblenz district court, with eleven employees +++

injured In an attack with tear gas in the Koblenz regional court eleven people have been injured. A woman had to be transported to a hospital, as the district court said Koblenz. Accordingly, several employees complained of respiratory discomfort, cough and headache. The attack was probably from the Foyer of the main building. While the fire Department by means of special ventilation equipment, the air being exchanged, had to halls all Concerned in the meeting and service rooms. The Foyer and the main entrance were temporarily blocked. After more than two hours, the areas were able to be released again. In addition to the injured employee ten more people came forward with complaints. Prosecutors and police opened an investigation against Unknown. Notes on the perpetrators there were.

+++ 12.42 PM: France condemns violence against Roma according to rumors in the network +++

After the Attacks on Roma in the suburbs of Paris, France’s government spokesman has condemned the violence focus. The incidents were unacceptable and an abomination, said Benjamin Griveaux on Wednesday after the Cabinet meeting in Paris. It is also important to the fight against Fake News is in this context, because of rumors in social networks had triggered the Attacks. In the network of the Roma-community, to kidnap children in the context of the organ trade and Prostitution in the van. Then, it came on Monday night, especially in the suburbs in the Département of Seine-Saint-Assault Denis, to the North-East of the French capital, on the Roma.

+++ 12.17 PM: the Green challenge of the Federal government use for search and rescue in the Mediterranean +++

in view of the part of the suspension point of the EU-Mediterranean Mission “Sophia” has the Green party politician Franziska Brantner, the Federal government asked for the refugee rescue. “Doing nothing is not an Option,” said Brantner, the AFP news Agency. “We need a European civil Maritime search and rescue and subsequent distribution of the Rescued.” If this is a member countries, not with all the EU, would need to some to go ahead, called the Green foreign policy expert. “The Federal government should forge alliances.” It could not be that “there is no state search and rescue and the EU leaves this task to only the Libyan militias”, said Brantner.

+++ 12.15: EU refugee rescue in the Mediterranean sea a +++

The EU’s, the refugee rescue ships in the Mediterranean Mission “Sophia” due to the dispute regarding the reception of Refugees with Italy on a provisional basis. One of the member States, negotiated a compromise solution to extend the mandate of the Mission – however, without the use of ships, said an EU representative in Brussels. The air monitoring is to be expanded over the Mediterranean sea.

+++ 12.11 PM: Boeing 737 Max is not with Lufthansa out of the race +++

The controversial Mittelstreckenjet Boeing 737 Max Lufthansa, is still out of the race. The machine come with a planned large order of more than 100 machines are also in question as the Airbus A320 neo and other types of aircraft, said Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr, according to the company, in New York. Will be decided in the coming year. The Boeing 737 Max is currently allowed to take off in the United States, Europe and China, not with passengers, after a short sequence of two almost factory were crashed new machines with 346 people.