In the discussion of the role of women women’s associations and Theologians see the Church on the move. The Church was under pressure to make the discussion more participation and influence of women in the Church, says the theologian, Dorothea Sattler, Münster, Germany.

“My impression is that, due to the many initiatives of the bishops are quite aware that you have to at least deal argumentatively with the question and not just ban individuals.”

Today, the osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode will present at the bishops ‘ conference, a study of women in positions of Church leadership. At the start of the conference, the Chairman, the Munich cardinal Reinhard Marx had said that in the dioceses of intensive work on the promotion of women worked should be. This is not a self-runner. The cooperation of men and women do one thing well.

Many men and women Theologians is not likely to pass this announcement by the bishops. The Catholic German women’s Federation (KDFB), and the Catholic woman community of Germany, calling for a gender-fair Church. Also, the Church people’s movement “We are Church” requires a clear commitment of the bishops to the diaconate of women. Thus women would be ordained, what is not yet allowed in the Catholic Church by Church law.

From a theological point of view, there is no Argument that women’s access to ordination, said the tübingen Catholic theologian Johanna Rahner. “The only real reason I know that is not the reference to the Tradition, because we had it yet.” This was not, however, a very weak Argument, especially since the Tradition of the Church was so clear. In the Catholic dioceses had to change as a huge something, so there is also the principle applies: Where decisions are made, must be women involved equivalent, said Rahner. You hope that a corresponding majority vote of the bishops.

a decision on A diaconate of women but, ultimately, only the Pope. The German bishops ‘ conference could, however, give a strong sign that you approve of this diaconate, also says the theologian Margit Eckholt, University of Osnabrück. Given the pastoral Situation in Germany, the bishops ‘ conference should go ahead and take such a Signal. “The time is more than ripe for it in Germany.”