Technical problems have forced on Sunday in a Russian Aeroflot machine to a crash-landing, which cost 41 lives. The first investigation results show that it arrived at the landing of the plane in the fuel tanks to an Explosion. The plane was on the runway in flames. Whether a technical failure or a pilot error led to the fire, investigators can now clarify. What happened on Board of the Sukhoi super jets a few minutes before the disastrous landing, revealed to have a recording of the radio traffic between the pilots and the air traffic controllers in Moscow. The private channel Ren TV published a transcription of the conversation.

The content revealed that the captain of the flight SU 1492, Denis Ewdokimow, the damage to the aircraft after a lightning strike as a serious, but not as critical classified. For the message to the air traffic controller he used the Pan-Pan Signal (from the French word la panne derived from the German Panne). This urgent message means that the plane and the passengers are exposed to a particular risk, however, is not a threat to the life, and no immediate help is required. If life is at risk, you must spark the Pilot’s Mayday.

tragedy in Moscow

the disastrous emergency landing

explained the Pilot As the full Protocol is very extensive and the information and codes it contains, the only experts are understandable, it is reproduced here in shortened form.

The radio traffic between the Pilot and air traffic controller

“Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan!” announced the Pilot with air traffic controllers about 25 minutes after the Start of the machine to 18.02 PM. “Aeroflot 1492. The Approach Of Moscow. Ask for return. Loss of the radio connection and the plane in a flash.”

The flight controller back function: “Aeroflot 1492. Over in the descent.”

Pilot: “course 057. We’re going down.”

pilot: “Confirmed. Is going down.”

“you Have the opportunity to stay in radio contact?”, the air traffic controller asks a little later. The question remains unanswered. The SU 1492 fighting, apparently, with a poor radio connection.

The following Signal. The air traffic controller due to a new graduation: “Aeroflot 1492. Decreases in graduation 70.”

Pilot: “approach to Moscow. Decrease in a staggering 70.”

Pilot breaks first attempt to land

the air traffic controller guides the plane to the runway. “Course 160. Is any help needed?”, he asks. “No, so far all is well. Properly,” replies the Pilot.

air traffic controller: “you have communication problems, have I understood correctly?”

Pilot: communication problems and the loss of the automatic control of the aircraft.”

air traffic controller: “Understood.”

Pilot: “course 180. About to go in the 600 meters in a landing.”

air traffic controller: “[…] landing allowed. You keep the course to the right.”

a Little later, the Pilot reports, however: “Please loop around a wait. We are looking for a landing not ready.”

air traffic controller: “Understood. You take a course of 350 to the right.”

“flight radar” documented loop over Moscow

The machine is rotating in a circle over Moscow. Satellite images of the site “” to demonstrate the maneuver.

The wireless connection breaks off, apparently. Three Times repeated the flight, the question of the pilot: “Can you tell me what time you are landing, ready? We can’t hear you.” Only after the third attempt, the Pilot responds, “We tell them.”

a Few moments later starts Ewdokimow a renewed attempt to land. The air traffic controller is the course and asked: “Are you land or with the ILS [instrument landing system is a ground-based System that supports the pilot in the flight phase before landing, editors’ note]

Pilot: “ILS.”

air traffic controller: “Understood. Landing with ILS. Track 24, to the left. […] Landing allowed.”

Pilot: “Understood.”

Russian aircraft

Sukhoi Superjet 100: The Albtraumjet of Russians

By Till Bartels, an air traffic controller does not expect disaster

Now, the airline asks the pilot, the emergency services of the airport on the runway. “In half a Minute we are here,” log on to the emergency services. You summarize the situation again: “communication error, failure of the automatic control system. The Proper Approach.” The Pilot confirmed: “Ready for landing.”

flight controller: “That’s it. Let him land. To the right, where he has his Parking space. You ask him after landing, if he can go,” he instructs a colleague. The air traffic controller appears to believe, to have everything already cut and dried. “Here he comes, happens the beginning of the runway. Asks again whether he can control … Look at that! Oh, *** …”, yells the pilot. It expletives follow.

experts criticize the conduct of the pilot

After only a few seconds on the runway, the machine catches fire. The air traffic controllers immediately call the fire Department. The radio traffic shows that neither the Pilot nor the ground staff reckoned with the catastrophic development.

The published recording also confirmed the previous statement of the pilot, which after a lightning strike, the automatic control system had broken down and there had been problems with the wireless connection. However, more and more experts criticize the behavior of the pilots.

The Russian aviation security expert Alexander Romanov is estimated that an error of the crew led to the tragedy. “Some aspects were already mentioned by other experts, for example, the Exceeding of the maximum country weight, or to high country speed. But there were other Miscalculations,” said Romanov, who has served 20 years as a Pilot, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“land tried As the plane bounced it on the runway. According to all the rules, the Crew would have to turn through the start and still a loop.” Instead, they have carried out a full brake application. “As a result, the nose sank to the bottom. […] The suspension of the fuel tanks broke through the wing of the aircraft, in which. The kerosene spilled out and began to burn.”

Thomas M. Friesacher, aviation expert and a freelance reviewer for Flugzeugunfälle said in an interview with the star, that a pilot error could have led to the fire after the landing. “For me, it looks as if the pilots have gone out there and quickly landed – for a reason that I can’t judge,” said the active Pilot. “There’s something in the landing wrong.”

After disaster in Moscow

Sukhoi Superjet 100 : Russia’s flagship project, the curse

The plane Sukhoi Superjet-100, Russia should make in the market of civil aviation are competitive again. But the supposed “Superjet” fought from the beginning with technical problems.

By Ellen Ivits