Muharram is the Islamic month and this marks the beginning of the new year of Islam religion. But in 10th Muharram, Muslims celebrate mourning in memory of Hazrat Imam Hussain. It is believed that Imam Hussain was martyred on the 10th...
New York Fashion Week 2019

New York Fashion Week Begins 2019

Location: New York fashion week will be Organize in Manhattan. Date: New York Fashion Week will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019, and ends on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. Time: The NewYork fashion week 2019 will begin at 9:04 am. New York Fashion...
Teachers' Day 2019: Congratulations to the teachers on the beautiful motto Happy Teachers' Day 2019 Wishes: Asan - These are the people who are one of the most important reasons to change our editorial. It is in their hands that...
Meaning Of The Beard Day: Since the beginning of time, the beard has had a meaning beyond personal aesthetics. In different cultures, the imprint that let's bear beard has been different according to their beliefs and customs. Having it could...
Christmas is coming and with it holidays; It is a special time to spend time with your loved ones and do with it everything we do not have time to do the rest of the year although sometimes time...
The workers' claim was clear: a request to reduce the workday to 8 hours when "normal" was to work between 12 and 16 hours. The protest initially carried out by 190,000 workers, soon led to a powerful national strike...


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Buying Guide for BBQ Grills

Buying Guide for BBQ Grills

The days are getting hotter and now is the time to invite all of your friends over to your home and have a good...
Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn