The camera pans over to the Seating of the deputies in the EU Parliament. An Armada of jackets, ties, blazers, and elegant costumes in muted colors. The representatives of the people have found to their constituent meeting after the European elections together, some sitting for many years in Parliament, and for others it is a Premiere. You have to look for something to make Magid Magid in this mass to find. But then he falls on the stronger: a dark-skinned, young man with a yellow Baseball cap and a black T-Shirt with “F*** Fascism” is.

No question, Magid Magid does not fit in the number of parliamentarians. At first glance, is not – and the second is not. In the biography of the 30-Year-old is hardly a Detail that one would associate with one of the EU politicians in connection, but a lot of unusual turns can be found. A few weeks ago, the Briton for the Green party in the EU Parliament sits. He wants to provide for fresh Wind – just because he is so different. Now he is considered to be the coolest members of Parliament.

Briton Magid, Magid: “I’m not for everyone”

Originally, Magid, originally from Somalia, his mother fled with him and his five siblings about Ethiopia to the UK. There was a Magid was five years old. From the very bottom, he worked in the political operation, without the attitude to adopt. It shines with Humor and self-irony, is in the Hip-Hop culture in the home and behaves accordingly. Women find him attractive. His trademark is the yellow Baseball cap he always wears backwards and the he Parliament has in the EU already, a notification is captured. In addition, Magid carries instead of a suit and tie T-Shirts with political Slogans.

EU Parliament

sounds As the European anthem, do not rotate the Brexit-trailer


This is to be different only makes it eye-catching and interesting, but gives many of the population, who find themselves to be represented in politics, the feeling that one of them was speech there where the decisions are made. “I’m not everybody’s thing,” said Magid the BBC to its Occurrence. “The people hate or love me, but everyone has an opinion.” Especially Magid wants to blend in with his political commitment. Nevertheless, it’s often all about Appearances, for example his skin color.

Salvini is for Magid a “coward”

a Few hours after the first session of the EU Parliament in the new term Magid on Twitter reported about an experience on his first day of work. Someone approached him in the Parliament in Strasbourg and asked him if he had lost. Then I asked him to leave the building. Only after he shows his Deputy’s ID, he was allowed to remain. A black member of the European Parliament – it has to get used to Europe. “I know that I’m visibly different. I don’t have the privilege to be able to my identity to hide. I would also like to fit it in. Get used to it!”, Magid wrote.

In a later debate in Parliament he made a speech to the rescue for attention. The Italian Minister of the interior, Salvini Magid referred to therein as a “coward” because he zukehre the refugees die in the Mediterranean sea the back. “Seawatch”-captain Carola, the Salvini in Italy, take left, be Missiles, by contrast, is the embodiment of “a fair, friendly in Europe”. The Video of the speech quickly spread on Twitter, many media reported about it.

Like a Gangster-Rapper – only as a politician

In the appearance of casual, in the matter clearly – as the policy style of Magid Magid describe. He find the Balance between the humorous and serious sides of politics, wrote the British newspaper “the Guardian” about him, when he was mayor of his home city of Sheffield. With 28 years of Magid was the youngest, took over this office. He was in the squat with Doc Marten boots and a heavy Golden chain in the world. Like a Gangster Rapper, just that the chain was the Emblem of the mayor.

This traditionally ceremonial office, used Magid, in his one-year term of office, to push further into the spotlight. Known he was, as he explained to U.S. President Donald Trump, in his state visit to the island to the unwanted Person in Sheffield. Not that Trump had intended to visit the city. The characters did not miss its effect, nevertheless. Magid was one of the most recognizable faces against right-wing populism and the Brexit in the UK.

No one knows how long Magid Magid his Job retains

Passionate he is now fighting for Europe. From his first days as a member of the European Parliament, he was disappointed, wrote Magid in an article for the Portal “Politico”: “Almost nobody in Brussels to understand what the European Union really stands out, except for a flag and an anthem.” The deputies would have to deal too much with bureaucratic processes and to improve a little the life of the voters.

Magid is committed on a European level – in the home, he fights against Brexit and for a new Referendum on the exit from the EU. For him, this also means a fight for his own Job, he has only just begun. It is not yet clear when the UK leaves the EU, it is clear, however: Is carried out, the Brexit, lose, of course, the British representative in the Parliament of their mandates. How long are the coolest members of the EU Parliament still has time, nobody knows.

sources: European Parliament / “Guardian” / “Politico” / BBC / Magid Magid on Twitter

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