Since Wednesday, women in Argentina, their children’s pictures in the social media. Under the Hashtag #NiñasNoMadres show as an eleven-year-old girl. Laughing, playing innocent.

It is your Outcry. Your Anger. Their Protest. For the girl Lucia. And against the backwardness in the country.

The eleven-year-old Lucia was raped by 65-year-old Partner of your grandmother. 23. January it was found in a clinic that she is pregnant. Lucia and their mother wanted an abortion, which is allowed in Argentina, even in cases of rape or when the mother’s health is in danger.

However, the authorities in the province of Tucumán cross. They insisted on a continuation of the pregnancy. Doctors wanted to perform the procedure, probably out of fear of a campaign by conservative opponents of abortion. The Minister of health Tucumáns justified the attitude of the authorities in an Interview: “The child wants to continue the pregnancy. We look at the risks, but she has a great physique, it weighs more than 50 pounds.”

Then, Lucia tried two Times to kill and was admitted in a clinic. To the psychologist, she said: “I want You to take out, what has set the old man in me.”

abortions in Argentina is legally difficult

abortion rights are restricted in Argentina. In August 2018, the last major attempt to legalize abortion failed. Advance months-long battles that showed how much the issue has polarised society. Furthermore, women must expect, in the case of pregnancy up to four years of abortions Hiking long in prison.

“Ni una menos”

woman murders: As the Protest against Femicide in Argentina

On Tuesday, two Doctors performed a caesarean section in the case of Lucia, after the court intervened. For a normal abortion procedure, the pregnancy was well advanced, stated the Doctors to operate on her decision. Lucia was already in the 23. Week, as a result of the delaying tactics of politicians and authorities.

The Baby would probably not survive, the Doctors said after the surgery. But Lucia had it so far. You also said: “We have saved the life of an eleven-year-old child who was tortured for a month by the provincial health care system.” It was, so they added a choice of combat maneuvers of the Governor.

in The case of Lucia shows how to split Argentina

is An Outcry is now going through the country. How authorities can make a girl to the brood box, they are revolting to many women. Amnesty International agrees with the protests. How can you kill a child, protested the against side, who had written the Motto “to Save both lives” on the flags.

in The case of Lucia shows on the one hand, as a divided Argentina. On the other hand, it is clear: This country is like it progressive and enlightened, but in many areas. According to estimates carried out in Argentina per year to 450,000 illegal and often unsafe abortions.

If, in the case of the rape of an eleven-year-old girl’s abortion is not allowed and the authorities are blocked, and runs something very wrong in this country that likes to present itself as a pioneer in the fight for human rights.