The announced climate protection concept of the Federal government will contain in the opinion of the schleswig-Holstein Minister-President Daniel Günther a price for the climate killer carbon dioxide.

He could see in the CO2 pricing is the key, said the CDU politician of the German press Agency. The SPD calls for the introduction of a “climate bonus”. Of people with a low CO2 benefit-consumption, especially low-income earners.

When it comes to climate protection, the Union need to have a clear positioning, said Günther. In the past months, the Union have shown to be relevant to climate issues, there is no clear attitude. The Kiel head of government stressed, however, that in Spite of the great importance of climate protection, other topics should not be hidden. Germany should also retain its prosperity and to prevent social explosives picture.

The acting SPD Chief Malu Dreyer called for in the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday) a premium for climate-friendly behavior. “Gasoline and heating oil are more expensive, it is paid in return per capita to a climate premium.” Who smoke a little CO2 verb, will strongly benefit. Anyone who affects the climate, have less in the bag.

The economy – an Advisory body to the Federal government – had recommended that, to increase the price of, among other things, the Heating with Oil and Gas, in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in buildings. Similar plans are also submitted to the environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) already. She had given three different opinions in order and at the beginning of July presented.

The “image”newspaper quoted on Saturday as a result. In the papers it is proposed, for example, to prove the emission of CO2 with a tax: in the Beginning, with 35 euros per Tonne, and then rising up to the year 2030, with 180 Euro per ton. Petrol and Diesel could be, for example, in the long term by up to 57 cents per litre more expensive.

In the opinion are also presented in the example calculations: a well-earning Couple without children, two cars and 61 of 160 euros net income per year 139 Euro could face more costs. A Couple with a child, without a car, and a net income of 40 869 euros, came on a discharge of 319 Euro per year.

On the 20. September to adopt the so-called climate Cabinet of the Federal government, a comprehensive package to Germany, Save to bring the CO2 back on track.

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