in order To point 11.11 clock keeps you on Sunday in the Rhineland carnival, the fifth Season of the year castles indent: Alaaf and Helau, tens of thousands of fools to start in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz in an unusually long carnival season, the first on 6. March ends with ash Wednesday.

“Mainz remains Mainz” from 10: 30 a.m.: Live-Stream of WDR”Singing Cologne” ab 20.15 Uhr: Live-Stream of the WDRDas düsseldorf: The Webcam shows the MarktplatzWas on 11.11.

Alone in the old town of Cologne kick-off to be expected to happen to the traditional Session several tens of thousands of people.

Many fools are ringing to awaken at nearly the fountain in Mainz for a night, the carnival season, also at the düsseldorf city hall, where every year the beginning of the carnival season, the roguish Hoppeditz. In the upcoming winter months, the carnival may then be returned to the traditional meetings to look forward to. The opening of the street carnival to women is almost night on the 28. February celebrated.

So popular is the carnival in Germany

But the revellers and jesters are in Germany only a minority. The group of carnival fans and carnival opponent, each with 28 percent of the same size, 41 percent are carnival, Fasching, or fastnacht are indifferent, show the data of a representative survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov.

The start of the crazy days on 11/11. 11.11 at want to according to celebrate, only 12 percent of people active. At the culmination of the carnival season in the week before ash Wednesday (28. February to 5. March) want to at least 21 percent.

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