hypertension, Diabetes, Smoking and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease are also associated with changes in the brain. This is evidenced by a British study, using data from 9722 patients.

had The more risk factors a Patient has, the more pronounced pathological changes in the white matter, the gray matter and brain volume, were sick, researchers from Simon Cox of the University of Edinburgh (UK) report in the “European Heart Journal”.

The scientists used the data from the “UK Biobank”, a large long-term study in the UK with health data of about half a Million people. In the case of a part of the participants in nuclear spin tomography images of the brain were made. Cox and colleagues sorted participants with a diagnosed brain or nervous disease. All examined subjects provided information about factors such as blood and pulse pressure, Diabetes, cholesterol levels and Smoking. In addition, the Body Mass Index and the ratio of abdominal and hip circumference measured.

These data, the researchers put statistically with the detected changes in the brain in relationship. This showed that the abnormalities were not evenly distributed over the brain. “The affected areas were mainly those of which it is known that they are related to our more complex thinking skills and those areas in which changes in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease occur,” said Cox. No significant changes in the brain, the researchers found a high level of cholesterol.

The Team also compared two groups – one with people without cardiovascular risk factors, and the other with people with the highest number of such factors. “We found that those with the highest cardiovascular risk, on average, about 18 milliliters, or almost three per cent less volume of grey matter compared with people with the least amount of risk,” says Cox. The gray matter consists mainly of nerve cells, the Railways, the white substance of nerves. Here, the researchers found even the one and a half times the amount of damages.

“it is Striking that even in these relatively healthy individuals, Connections between cardiovascular risk factors and brain structure are detectable,” the researchers write. In the case of a representative group of the changes could be even greater.

The analysis involved a neurologist Andreas Meisel, of Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin suggested that a lower brain volume will make you sick. He found it exciting, as well as genetic factors in such an investigation.

What is the actual impact of the deviations will be investigated by the British scientist next. Then the thinking will be tested assets, and other skills related to the state of the brain.

Gabor Petzold, the German center for Neurodegenerative diseases in Bonn, the study of the cognitive skills are an important next step. Because much of the information from the current study had not been for him, surprisingly. “It is interesting to see that, for example, hypertension affects different structures in the brain as Diabetes or Smoking,” said Petzold. The big Plus of the study is the large number of participants, which is reflected in the statistical power is low for him.

For Sven Poli from the Hertie-Institute for clinical brain research at Tübingen University hospital, the results are only due to the Situation in Germany is transferable. In total, the German healthcare system benefits to the UK. However, the aftercare is organised, for example, stroke in the UK better. Poli belongs to a group of researchers, the searches in the project, “SANO – a Structured outpatient follow-up care after stroke” for Ways to improve this follow-up.