After the Explosion of a car bomb in the Northern Irish city of Londonderry, four men have been arrested, to belong to the militant group, the New IRA.

On Sunday were the first two men that are between 20 and 30 years old. Later in the day, a 34, were arrested-Year-old and 42-Year-old, the police announced in the evening. In the UK, Northern Ireland, various groups are up to mischief.

According to the mediator, Michael Doherty of the planned EU can fan the flames of Britain’s exit from such incidents. It is feared that the introduction of border controls between the EU-member Republic of Ireland and British Northern Ireland, continues the spiral of violence in the Ex-civil war region.

“Of Brexit will undoubtedly be used as an excuse for Republicans to expel the British state violence on the island of Ireland,” said Doherty on Monday the German press Agency. He taught for decades in the case of conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. He is also in contact with paramilitaries in Londonderry, and was honored for his work already.

The explosive device was detonated on Saturday evening in the centre of the city in front of a court. No one was hurt. Only 15 minutes before the Explosion had received a warning. Subsequently, the police began the evacuation of surrounding buildings. Video footage showed how dangerous the situation was: a few minutes before the attack a group of people walked past the vehicle.

The Deputy police President Mark Hamilton reported that, among other things, hundreds of hotel guests, and very many of the children of the youth clubs had to be brought to safety. The car in which the bomb was placed had been stolen, therefore, a short time before from a Pizza supplier.

The 85 000 inhabitants of the city of Londonderry lies in the North-West of the province on the border with the Republic of Ireland. There are Catholics who call their town simply Derry live.

The British Minister for Northern Ireland, Karen Bradley, and evaluated the attack as an attempt to bring a 20-year peace process would “the progress in Northern Ireland to a Standstill”. The Chairman of the Northern Ireland unionist party DUP’s Arlene Foster, said it was a “senseless act of terror”.

20 years after the good Friday agreement that ended the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland, it always comes back to dispute the future of the Region. In the civil war Catholic nationalists seeking Union with Ireland, and Protestant unionists, who want to continue to belong to Britain. The Irish Republican army (IRA) had fought in the conflict in Northern Ireland, against pro-British Protestant groups, the police and the British military. Today it comes in a number of cases of violence.

Hamilton described the alleged perpetrators as: “As the majority of Republican dissident groups in Northern Ireland, the New IRA is small, largely highly unrepresentative and geared people to go back to the place where you want to be.”

During the Northern Ireland conflict, around 3700 people were killed, nearly 50,000 injured, and 500,000 are considered to be psychologically traumatized.