If there is a guardian angel, Rafael R. seems to be one of them. By a coincidence, the staff officer of the German-French Brigade is on a major traffic accident attention. A car, including the driver, is plunged into the Rhine. The soldier puts his own life at risk to save the victim of the accident. During the rescue operation, to the guardian angels of two people. So the German army signs it on the website, and the German-French Brigade at the request of the star.

A race against time

Friday, the 30. April. It was about 21.30, as Rafael R. had arrived at the scene of the incident, a spokesman for the German-French Brigade to the star. The France-based professional soldier was found with his partner on the way back to Alsace. At the height of Lahr/Gerst home, the staff have seen a Sergeant from the hunter battalion 291, that a vehicle had broken through the railings of a bridge, the bridge over the Rhine. To this date, the vehicle and the driver lost already in the cold water of the river, to see only the headlights. Rafael R. had then stopped a driver and asked her to alert the ambulance service – and then jumped into the water.

In almost complete darkness, Rafael R. was dipped several times to have the car “was with the roof on the river floor”. “The partner of Rafael R. stand on the bridge and threw stones,” said a spokesman. “With these he tried the side window or something.” In vain: “As this did not work, he is immersed in the darkness around the vehicle and tried from the other side, in the vehicle to penetrate,” the spokesman of the German-French Brigade. Through the rear window, the “cracked for the most part and from the part pressed was”, he finally gets in the car. In several dives, Rafael R. I then tried to pull the victim out of the car. However, he had to grab the man neither “a” nor “out”: “The driver was trapped by the airbag.”, the spokesman to the star.

plans of the Ministry of defence

the Bundeswehr gets the first military Rabbi


The staff Sergeant was re-surfaced to get air. And I noticed: The car driver, who had deposed the emergency call, followed him into the water. The German army reported it. She had to be rescued because you got swept up in the flow. Rafael R. had swam to the woman, and have brought them to the shore.

About 20 to 30 minutes after his jump into the water, believes Rafael R. to remember, had arrived to the rescue forces. They had already been for Diving, and is prepared within a few minutes they had the unconscious victims by using tools out of the car and on Land, reanimate free. Whether the man is a possible consequence has taken damage, however, is unclear. “Unfortunately, we are not with the victim in contact. The police (Gendarmerie Erstein) was not allowed to give contact details to us,” said the spokesman. “During the first dive, Rafael R. was able to hear a dull Knock from the car. As the driver was recovered from the vehicle, however, he was unconscious.”

Bundeswehr soldier: “to help, of Course,

” “For me, it is, of course, to help,” Rafael p. quoted from the German army. He was just glad that in the end everything ended well. On 8. April gave Jean-Luc Marx, the prefect of the Grand-Est, as a representative of the French President, staff Sergeant Rafael R. the medal for bravery and commitment in Bronze. “This award is only awarded when someone proves using the lives of great bravery,” said the prefect, in the Quartier Leclerc the courage of the soldiers.

sources: German-French Brigade, the German army –


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