Richard Beare invested spontaneously 5 US dollars (approximately € 4.45) in scratch tickets, in the Shop around the corner. A little later he could hardly believe his eyes, when he realized what a big win it was free: $ 250,000 (with 223,000 euros). The cancer drawn Beare can now travel with his wife to finally be in the Land of their ancestors.

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Expensive breakdown on scratchcard: error brought about 300 people total profit of 450.000 Euro

“I was recently found to have cancer in an advanced stage” tells the story of Richard Beare in a first Statement for the lottery organizer, “NC Education Lottery”. “I would like to travel as much as possible, for as long as I’m still able to do it. My wife have always wanted to go to Italy because that is where their ancestors come from. Now I can enable you and also myself this finally.”

Spontaneous Beare entered two weeks ago, a lottery Shop in North Carolina. He wanted to buy for his wife, actually a normal lottery ticket. In a quick decision, he reached in the box with the scratch and bought a few. With these Lots, you will win, if two combinations of numbers to match on a lot. The greater the matching Numbers are then the higher the profit. “Very rarely I play the lottery,” said Beare, in an Interview with television channel CNN, which had first reported about the case. “This time, I was actually just in the Store to buy a lottery ticket for my wife. The Jackpot was so high, that they wanted to play.”

lottery win allows great journey

Beare, who worked until his retirement as an auto mechanic, reported by CNN’s excited: “I saw two matching rows of numbers on the scratch card, I asked the seller, what exactly that means for now.” They replied that he was holding a winning ticket in the hands. Beare looked again at the lot, and noted dryly: “Well, then I have just $ 250,000 won.” In disbelief, almost shocked, compared to now, the seller always and always again the series of numbers and came to a different result.

On Monday it Beare cashed his prize in the local lottery headquarters in Raleigh and contributed to the withdrawal of about a third in taxes, $ 175,000 (€155,000) to home. With this sum in hand, Richard Beare and his wife to be extended safely and worry-free can Italy. Buon viaggio!

sources: Twitter Account of “NC Education Lottery” / CNN