A court in northeast China sentenced a 36-year-old canadian for smuggling drugs to death. In the retrial, the judge lifted an earlier ruling, according to the Robert Lloyd Schellenberg for up to 15 years in prison, I had to go and pay the equivalent of around 19,000 euros. A higher authority had not objected to the first judge’s decision as too lenient and a higher level required.

The canadian was arrested, according to the report of the British BBC, 2014, in the Chinese province of Liaoning, with more than 200 kilograms of amphetamines, which he wanted to smuggle, allegedly, from China to Australia. “I’m not a drug smuggler. I came as a Tourist to China,” said Schellenberg, shortly before the verdict was announced, reported the AFP news Agency. He had come upon a friend with a dodgy man in contact. This was to him, as a Translator, presented, in fact, he was but about him in an international drug smuggling ring. The 39-Year-old now has ten days to appeal against the death appeal judgment.


The canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg before the court in the North-East of China

AFP “Our worst fear has become true,”

The family of the Condemned reacted in horror to the decision of the court. Clamp mountain, aunt, Lauri Nelson-Jones, told the BBC that the death sentence was “a terrible, unfortunate, heartbreaking Situation”. She added: “It became our worst fear come true (…) It is quite unimaginable what he will feel and have to think.”

significantly fewer death sentences

number of executions decreases in the world


The case has not only a personal but also a political Dimension. The relationship between Canada and China are already strained. Canadian authorities arrested the beginning of December, the financial boss of the Chinese “Huawei”group Meng Wanzhou, at the Request of the United States temporarily. U.S. authorities accuse the business woman violations of the Iran sanctions, and calling for their extradition.

In the series were taken in China, several Canadians, two men are in custody. Beijing accuses you of endangering the “national security”, you are under suspicion of espionage. According to observers, the arrest of the two Canadians was a retaliatory action by the Chinese authorities for the determination of the Manager, Meng, reported the AFP news Agency. Both governments have encouraged each other to set their countrymen free.

travel tips for China, exacerbated

Canada’s government intensified as a reaction to the death sentence against Schellenberg its travel advice for the people’s Republic and is warning citizens against “arbitrary enforcement” of laws in China: “Be very careful”, they say. Consular support cannot be in any case ensured. Canada’s Premier Justin Trudeau showed “extremely” concerned that China had “arbitrarily” imposed the death penalty against Schellenberg. China’s foreign Ministry demanded according to the BBC, from Trudeau, to respect the sovereignty of China.

The China expert William Nee of the human rights organization Amnesty International was surprised that the procedure went so quickly and the state media have devoted so much attention. It was “very likely” that “China and Canada want to send a message,” said No to the AFP news Agency.

China is according to Amnesty International, the state in which most people are sentenced to death. The organization assumes that in the people’s Republic every year, the death penalty will not be imposed by a thousand, and is being enforced. The precise Figures, since the government considered it appropriate to Pay under lock and key.

The Federal Foreign office in Berlin, points out that “the importation or possession penalties as a result of relatively small amounts of drugs are too high, freedom or even the death penalty”.

sources: the BBC, the travel advice of the canadian Ministry of foreign Affairs, Amnesty International, the travel advice of the foreign office

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