lose weight without looking older
lose weight without looking older

If you lose (a lot of) weight, not only fat disappears from the abdomen, buttocks, and legs, but also from parts of the body that are allowed to stay fuller. Your face also loses fat tissue, making the skin looser and weaker. It looks like you have accelerated your aging. The extent to which this happens depends on your age, the amount of weight you lose and the speed with which that happens.

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Rapid weight loss after a stomach reduction can lead to an outdated face, so much so that in some cases a facelift is needed or desirable. Can you do something about this? Losing weight slowly and eating step by step less and healthier has fewer consequences for your face than a crash diet. Trying to keep your skin young with supplements and expensive creams do not work. Keep your face out of the full sun, stay away from cigarette smoke and make sure you get vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables, nuts and vegetable oil.

But ‘just’ losing weight is not possible for many people. That is a long, complicated process, says Professor Samyah Shadid, Clinical Head of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases at Ghent University Hospital. Losing excess weight is difficult for many reasons. Food is available everywhere and always. Besides that you have to actively do your best to burn calories, you also have to do your best not to eat those calories again. We are tempted at almost every moment of the day, even though we are not hungry.

Genes and stress

The scientists agree on one thing: if you want to lose weight, you have to consume less energy than you use. In this way, the body will use the energy supply in our fat tissue.

“But you can’t control the places where that first happens,” says Hella van Laer. , That is genetically determined. For some people who work on their line, you can see it immediately on their faces. Others get a slim belly faster. Then you have to be patient: everyone who assumes a healthy lifestyle will see that the excess belly fat will decrease after a while.”