Well, today laughed? Every year on 1. April, the same sadness game: daily Newspapers, Online magazines, Tech Websites outdo each other with funny ideas that you leave a day later under claims joyful laughter as April fools.

let’s be honest: What would be fun?

The Software giant Microsoft looks to be Marketing chief Chris Capossela, the meanwhile, in the same way. If for another reason. In an internal Mail Capossella has warned all employees from “to make public effective April fools”, because, as he wrote, only “limited positive effects and unwanted messages can trigger flows”.

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO explains his company as the April fool’s bankruptcy and the share price declines more

AFP April fools, either strunz flows stupid, or undesirable side-effects

Unwanted Messages? To be honest, when has called an April fool’s joke in the last few years, more than a tired Yawn or irritated eye rolls. Because the real crux of the prescribed date of the humor is that the alleged News of heaven’s cry are stupid. Or someone seriously believes that the FC St. Pauli has committed to the football Opi Rainer “Calli” Calmund as its new managing Director, as reported by the “Hamburger Morgenpost” in a big presentation? Also the city of Zurich for reasons of marketing in the future only with “u” instead of “ü” writes, as the “NZZ” found out, is at best a case for Hardcore humorists.

Okay, at the local level may reported it as an endearing quirkiness of the grizzled heads of service posts to go through, if, for example, the upper Palatinate police poison on Facebook proud of the commissioning of the first noise-search ponies. However, when you swipe in all Seriousness, the list of the “picture”newspaper with the funniest Office to 1. April is working through it, you land inevitably in the German sense of humor hell. Under the keyword “Blue” is to make it as for example: Press the pillow the phone of your colleague on a stamp. Then, you call your colleagues. Although it is not a miracle, but a blue ear! Hö. Hö. What a knee-slapper. As well as the request, trainees or interns to scramble to get things that aren’t even there. Taken in journalists ‘ circles: Go to the gas station to research prices.

Legendary: BBC Clip about the Spaghetti harvest in Ticino

The British BBC, after all, can justifiably claim that your April has left a joke of 1957 a lasting impression. At the time the British focused their countrymen about the supposed Spaghetti-harvest in Ticino. In the article the women were shown, the Spaghetti tree harvest to dry in the sun. No joke: thousands of people shouting, then, when the transmitter and wanted to know if the noodle-cultivation works in the native garden.

Or, an example from today: the Tweet of environmental activist Greta Thunberg. You’ve realized after all the conversations with politicians, that they have grasped the urgency of the climate catastrophe. For this reason, you have decided to abstain in the future for more school strikes on Friday. Gasping in the Online newsrooms, marriage, Thunberg a few moments later, under the heading “April foolsday” the thing with “Only a joke” just advanced.

So much attention is not likely to be a cause of this year’s April fool’s day, the “daily news”-editors ‘ certainly. “Welcome to the news Arena” – said on the Website of the always-on reliability focused news flagship. For three years, the ARD will have secured the name rights to the people’s Park stadium, the home of second division side HSV. A partnership that Intrusive. “The Dino, and we – fit”, chief editor Kai Gniffke quote.

April fool’s jokes in times of Fake News strange

it Is an old, dreary Philistine, if you can find it in times of “Fake News” kind of strange that, of all things, the most important German news programme has to offer to such a cheap slapstick?

at Least The thing has a long Tradition. For years, the “tagesschau” at the 1. April a knee-slapper in its own case. How about 2007, when it was known that the title song will not be played for longer live by an orchestra but from the Band come. Only the Gong would continue to be beaten even by the chief by the service personally.

Ham wa laughing!