Around seven weeks before the presidential election in Algeria is drifting more and more into a serious crisis.

Against the announced re-candidacy of the aged and seriously ill incumbent Abdelaziz Bouteflika (82) stirs country-wide massive Protest, leading opposition politicians have announced a Boycott of the election. Out of fear of rioting, security forces moved on Sunday to the important places and buildings. “Bouteflika and Your Clan: Disappears!”, shouted the protesters.

Against an expected re-candidacy of Bouteflika’s were already gone in the Morning in several cities in Algeria, thousands of people took to the streets. Local media reported demonstrations in the capital Algiers, Annaba, Guelma, Oran and Tiaret. Critics see in Bouteflika, a puppet of the military, the family clans and the influence of the business elite of the country.

Bouteflika published on Saturday in the state newspaper “El Moudjahid” of his tenure, a necessary step prior to registration for the election. It would be the fifth term of office of the 82-Year-old, the health is hit hard and after a stroke in a wheelchair.

Algeria elects on 18. April a new President. Until Sunday, midnight, to be submitted with the necessary documents to the constitutional Council. The police secured the Area around the building. According to the state news Agency APS and local media, six candidates had passed until the afternoon of your documents.

a Leading opposition politician, announced their Boycott of the election and called for further protests. The largest moderate Islamist party in Algeria, HMS, have decided not to vote, to compete, should Bouteflika to run again officially, it was called out of party circles. Other opposition politicians had already announced its Boycott.

In the past few days had demonstrated to hundreds of thousands of Algerians against Bouteflika. Many called for democratic reforms. It is the largest protests since the end of the civil war. In the so-called Black decade, in the 1990s more than 150 000 people died.

Bouteflika was elected in 1999 as the candidate of the Algerian military to the President. Since a stroke in 2013, he relies on a wheelchair and has to talk big problems. He is hardly in public, and had to recently cancel a number of Meetings with heads of state, including a visit to Angela Merkel in 2017. Last Bouteflika held, according to media reports of medical studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bouteflika had survived protests in 2011 during the so-called Arab spring. His government responded with slight reforms and the raising of subsidies to the protests. However, the economy of the country is affected by the fall in the price of Oil and Gas. The rate of unemployment is, according to the world Bank at about 13 percent, however, among the Under-25-Year-old with more than 24 percent.

For mass protests on Friday came to clashes between protesters and police. According to data from the General Directorate of the security forces, 56 police officers and seven demonstrators were injured. 45 protesters were arrested. Interior Minister Nouredine Bedoui confirmed that a 56-died-Year-old. He succumbed to a heart attack, reported the news Agency APS.